Minneapolis/St. Paul Driver Information

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Apply to Drive in Minneapolis/St. Paul

If you're applying to drive in a different city in Minnesota, follow the steps here.

Applicant Requirement Checklist

Driver Requirements
  • Age 21+
  • Pass DMV check
  • Pass background check
Vehicle Requirements
  • 2004 or newer
    • Vehicles from 2004, 2005, & 2006: Odometer reading of less than one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) miles
    • Vehicles 2007 and newer: No odometer reading restriction
  • Pass a city-approved vehicle inspection
Document Requirements
  • Minnesota or Wisconsin driver's license
  • Minnesota or Wisconsin vehicle insurance

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Application Step-by-Step

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  1. Start an Application
  2. Get Your Vehicle Inspected
  3. Upload Your Documents
  4. Become Approved

1. Start an Application

Apply to drive with Lyft.

2. Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Have your vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic, using the city's inspection form.

  • Print the form. Bring this form to a city-approved mechanic.
  • Upload the form. Upload a photo of the completed form in the Dashboard.
  • Keep the form in your glovebox. The city may ask you to produce it when they do audits of drivers.
  • Get informed. Check out our downloadable PDF for best practices for driving in Minneapolis.

Inspection Locations & Prices

Name Price
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld $35
Goodyear $35
Meineke $29.95
Midas $35
Victory Auto Service & Glass $35


Clicking an address in the table below will open up its location in Google Maps.

Name Address City Phone
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 10740 Normandale Blvd Bloomington 952-881-1024
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 1820 S. Robert St West St. Paul 651-455-2788
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 328 Cedar Lake Rd Minneapolis 612-377-4743
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 3701 Central Ave NE Columbia Heights 763-788-1113
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 1221 S Washington Ave Minneapolis 612-333-8900
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 8100 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie 952-944-1690
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 5801 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis 612-861-6133
Bobby & Steve's Autoworld 7920 France Ave S Bloomington 952-831-8833
Goodyear 4020 Silver Lake Road Ne Minneapolis 612-781-2668
Goodyear 3013 W 66th St Richfield 612-866-5053
Meineke 600 Southcross Drive W Burnsville 952-807-7190
Meineke 10500 Excelsior Blvd Hopkins 952-641-3386
Meineke 8088 Brooklyn Blvd Minneapolis 763-657-0909
Meineke 865 University Ave W St. Paul 651-207-6139
Meineke 1990 East County Road D Maplewood 651-779-8113
Midas 8094 University Avenue Fridley 763-780-8244
Midas 14053 Grand Avenue Burnsville 952-435-6030
Midas 9020 East Excelsior Boulevard Hopkins 952-933-5551
Midas 13350 Grove Drive Maple Grove 763-420-9282
Midas 4415 Central Avenue Northeast Columbia Heights 763-788-9459
Midas 9211 Lyndale Avenue Bloomington 952-884-4781
Midas 1945 East County Road D Maplewood 651-777-3750
Midas 8100 Brooklyn Boulevard Brooklyn Park 763-493-2212
Midas 3550 Northdale Blvd Coon Rapids 763-421-9633
Midas 8647 South Eastpoint Douglas Cottage Grove 651-458-9938
Midas 5445 Lyndale Ave So Minneapolis 612-827-4604
Midas 601 East Lake Street Minneapolis 612-827-4628
Midas 19340 Highway 7 Deephaven 952-470-0459
Midas 12812 Wayzata Boulevard Minnetonka 952-546-8767
Midas 5604 Winnetka Avenue New Hope 763-533-2509
Midas 8260 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie 952-944-8450
Midas 2168 Snelling Avenue North Roseville 651-636-2221
Midas 104 North Market Street Shakopee 952-496-2656
Midas 4200 Excelsior Boulevard St. Louis Park 952-920-4920
Midas 15455 South Cedar Avenue Apple Valley 952-431-5454
Midas 1697 West 7th Street St. Paul 651-699-0220
Midas 1415 White Bear Avenue St. Paul 651-774-0338
Midas 520 University Avenue St. Paul 651-222-6835
Midas 1450 South Robert Street West West St. Paul 651-457-4381
Victory Auto Service & Glass 8098 Brooklyn Blvd Brooklyn Park 763-244-1398
Victory Auto Service & Glass 64 Lake Dr E Chanhassen 952-236-6509
Victory Auto Service & Glass 1010 Osborne Rd NE Fridley 763-710-8760
Victory Auto Service & Glass 16326 Highway 65 NE Ham Lake 763-710-8761
Victory Auto Service & Glass 2128 Rice St Maplewood 651-393-7780


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3. Upload Your Documents

Take photos of each of the documents below and upload them in the Dashboard.

Document photo tips:

  • Get good light. Move near a window, turn on a light, or go outside.
  • Avoid using the flash. Your camera's flash can cause a glare.
  • Find a dark background. Place your document on a solid, dark-colored background. The contrast will help your camera focus.
  1. Minnesota or Wisconsin Driver's license

    Drivers are required to have either a Minnesota or Wisconsin driver's license. A temporary license is acceptable, but be sure to upload your permanent copy when you receive it.

    To prevent delays in the approval process, make sure your license meets the following criteria:

    • Issued by the State of Minnesota or Wisconsin
    • Current (not expired)
    • Images and text clearly legible in the photo
    • All four corners visible in the photo
  2. Minnesota or Wisconsin personal vehicle insurance

    Drivers are required to have either Minnesota or Wisconsin personal vehicle insurance.

    To prevent delays in the approval process, make sure your personal vehicle insurance meets the following criteria:

    • Issued by the State of Minnesota or Wisconsin
    • Current (not expired)
    • Your name listed
    • Match the vehicle on file with Lyft
    • Include the vehicle year, make, and model
    • Images and text clearly legible in the photo
    • All four corners visible in the photo

    See further instructions on taking an insurance photo.

  3. Driver photo
    Driver photo

    Lyft requires a photo of all drivers. Your driver photo is a passenger’s first impression of you when they request a ride.

    To prevent delays in the approval process, make sure your driver photo meets the following criteria:

    • Take your photo in a location with good light and a solid background
    • Frame your head and top of your shoulders
    • Make it look like you — no sunglasses, hats, masks, or bluetooth headsets

    See further instructions on taking a driver photo or watch the video.

4. Become Approved

Lyft will notify you when you've been approved as a driver. Until then, you can check your application status for updates.

You'll be approved after each of the following are complete:

  1. You have passed your vehicle inspection and uploaded your documents.
  2. You have passed your DMV and background checks (they can take anywhere from days to weeks to complete).
  3. Lyft has processed all of your documents and photos.

Background check consent

By submitting an application to drive in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, you consent to a criminal history and driving record background check conducted on an audit basis by the City of St. Paul or the City of Minneapolis.

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Get Set to Drive

Set Your Vehicle up Correctly

Display your Lyft emblems

Local regulations require that all Lyft drivers display two Lyft emblems while in driver mode. One goes on the lower corner of your windshield, another one in the lower corner of your rear windshield (see sample images below). Make sure yours are always visible to your passengers, and if you need additional emblems:

  1. Print out a temporary emblem before your next adventure in driver mode. 
  2. Your emblems should arrive in the mail shortly after you're approved to drive. If you didn't receive them, order them by sending us a message with your shipping address.
  3. Place the first emblem in the lower passenger side of your front windshield, and the second in the lower driver side of your rear windshield:
MSP Emblems
Keep the following in your vehicle:
  • Completed inspection form
  • Driver's license
  • Insurance

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Hit the Road

You are an approved driver, your ride is decked out with all the right things in all the right places, and you’re no stranger to the ins and outs of driving with Lyft.

Lyft Insurance

Any time you’re in driver mode, you’re covered by Lyft’s primary liability insurance.

View Lyft's primary liability insurance or your personal insurance in the app: Menu > Vehicle > tap the Vehicle Photo > Personal Insurance or Lyft Insurance.

For Lyft drivers in the state of Minnesota, from the time you turn on the app, until you accept a ride, Lyft provides primary liability insurance with a $50,000 maximum limit for per person, $100,000 maximum limit for per accident, and $30,000 maximum limit for property damage. From the time you accept a ride until you drop off a passenger, Lyft’s primary liability insurance covers up to $1.5 million. That’s at a combined single limit, including bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Lyft also provides Personal Injury Protection (PIP) from the time you turn on the app until you drop off a passenger.

Your personal auto insurance policy may not provide coverage while you are giving Lyft rides or logged into the app in driver mode, depending on the terms of the policy.

Using a vehicle with a lien against it to give rides on the Lyft platform may violate your contract with the lienholder.

Best Practices to Avoid Citations

Document Renewals

Drivers on the Lyft platform are required to maintain current documents. Always update your documents (driver's license, insurance) via the Dashboard when they expire.

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