Prime Time for Drivers

When demand for rides is greater than the number of drivers on the road, passengers may pay an extra percentage on top of the base ride amount. For example, a $6 ride would become a $9 ride when there's 50% Prime Time. Keep in mind, Prime Time only adds a percentage to the ride subtotal, which is calculated before The Service Fee, taxes and airport fees, or other additional amounts. For Lyft Line rides, Prime Time is based on the first passenger picked up.

Read more about how we calculate ride amounts.

How do I know it's Prime Time?

Drivers will see a notice that a ride has Prime Time in effect both in the app upon ride request and passenger rating screen once the ride is over. Daily summaries will also mark Prime Time rides in green. Prime Time amount varies based on supply and demand.

What is guaranteed Prime Time?

Guaranteed Prime Time is a way for drivers to boost earnings while providing safe, reliable rides for passengers during the busiest times. For major holidays, promotions, or events in certain markets, drivers may be notified about guaranteed Prime Time via a text message or email from HQ. During these times, rides will include Prime Time earnings at or above the promotional amount.

What are Heat Maps?

Heat Maps allow a driver to see where they're needed most. The app displays the areas of highest demand in real time. The shaded sections show where Prime Time is in effect. Heat Maps are viewable while online or offline in the Driver Console. 

Remember, Prime Time is determined by the location where a passenger places their request, so even if you're waiting in a shaded area, not every request will have Prime Time. The best way to know whether a ride was Prime Time is on the post-ride earnings screen or your daily summary.

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