Milestone Rewards for Lyft Ambassadors

When you go above and beyond as an Ambassador, it's only fair that you get rewarded. Hit these goals to earn something special:

What counts as a referral?

If a new user signs up for Lyft through your referral link, or enters your code, you will receive a referral bonus. Remember, each new passenger needs to complete their first ride (and confirm the payment) using your referral code. We are only honoring milestones achieved after 11/1/15.

When will I receive my rewards?

You will receive an email when you reach a milestone with specific instructions. For some milestones, you will need to 'claim your offer', but for any cash and credit incentives, there is no need to opt-in. Please allow 1-2 weeks for any credit or bonus to apply to your account after you receive your milestone email.

Do I get these rewards each time I hit the milestone?

You can reach each milestone one time only, and we're excited to roll out more milestones for active Ambassadors soon!

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