The 1,000-Ride Gift for Drivers

The Basics

The 1,000-ride milestone is a legendary lifetime accomplishment for Lyft drivers. To show our thanks, we designed a 1K Club jacket just for 1,000-ride drivers. This jacket was designed with functionality in mind, serving as both a cozy shell and a badge of honor — it’s the ideal Lyft apparel.


Who can get a jacket?

Only drivers who’ve given 1,000 rides will be sporting this apparel.

I’ve given 1k rides — how do I get my gear?

Congrats on reaching a rare milestone — welcome to the 1k Club! We’ll reach out to drivers who’ve given 1,000 rides with an email and a text message to fill out the order form. The form ensures we’ve got your size and the right address, then we’ll deliver a jacket to your doorstep.

If you’ve given at least 1,000 lifetime rides and missed the message, place your order here.

How do I know what size to get?

To ensure you get the right fit, the order form contains a size chart, which breaks each size down into dimensions. Take your time when ordering— we’re unable to make exchanges. 


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