Subregion Pricing

The Basics

We’re always working to balance driver earnings with passengers’ price sensitivity. People use Lyft because it's an affordable ride, so we consider local cost of living and passenger demand when we design our region-specific prices.

Because no two cities are the same, we’re rolling out subregions. Subregions are simply parts of your city with specialized pricing — now we can hit the pricing sweet spot for both passengers and drivers.


How will I know if a ride I accepted is in a subregion?
You can find a map of applicable subregions on your City’s page at lyft.com/cities. If you accept a ride from a passenger inside a subregion, that subregion’s rate is reflected in your earnings.

Where does Lyft have pricing subregions?
To see if there’s a subregion near you, visit the Lyft Cities page for your approved driving region.

Do subregions affect Power Driver Bonus requirements?
No. As usual, Power Driver Bonus is calculated based on the number of completed rides within a region. Rides to, from, or within a subregion count towards that total.

Do pricing subregions have different average hourly guarantees or Prime Time?
Pricing subregions do not have distinct incentives. Any incentive offered to a broader region also applies to rides taken within the subregion.  

Which ride types are affected by subregion pricing?
Subregion pricing applies to all modes (Original, Plus, and Line) available within a broader region.


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