Rental Rewards and bonuses

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Bonus eligibility

Drivers enrolled in the Express Drive program are eligible for:

  • Earnings Guarantees or sign-on bonuses if they sign up with a code and meet all requirements
  • Referral bonuses for referring others, but cannot earn a bonus for being referred

Express Drive participants aren’t eligible for Ride Challenges. Instead, rental drivers are eligible for exclusive rental pricing tiers and Rental Rewards.

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Rental Rewards

Rental Rewards are an extra bonus built into the Express Drive program. Rental Rewards are totally optional, and can help you get most out of your time on the road as well as offset the cost of your rental. You’ll be able to see your specific Rental Rewards requirements and progress in your Driver Dashboard. To qualify for Rental Rewards each week, you need to:

  • Meet the ride count requirement: We count each completed ride as part of your total weekly ride count. The Rental Rewards week goes from Monday at 5 AM through to the next Monday at 4:59 AM.
    • Each completed pickup and drop-off counts as one completed ride. For Lyft Shared routes, each unique pickup counts as a ride. For example, if you have two pickups during one Shared ride, that counts as two rides towards your Rental Rewards.
  • Meet the peak ride requirement: Peak hours are Lyft’s busiest times, when passengers are requesting rides the most. These hours vary by market. For a ride to qualify as a peak ride, it must have started during the peak hour. All peak rides will count toward your total ride count. So if you gave 20 peak rides and 10 non-peak hour rides, that’s 30 total rides.
  • Maintain a 90% acceptance rate: When a passenger requests a ride, you can either accept or cancel the request. If you cancel or don't respond to a ride request, your acceptance rate decreases. If your average acceptance rate is below 90% at the end of the Rental Rewards week, you’ll be ineligible for Rental Rewards.

Each week, Lyft determines if you’re eligible for rental incentives. If so, we automatically add the bonus amount to your earnings, which covers most rental charges. Keep in mind that Rental Rewards never cover rental taxes.

Prorated Rental Rewards

Ride requirements (as well as the amount of the reward itself) are prorated based on when your rental agreement begins. Monday is always the start of the billing week.

For example, let's say your rental reward is $70, and the ride requirement is 70. If you pick up your car on a Friday, you’ll only have your car for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) for the first billing week. This means you would only need to give 30 rides to meet the ride requirement for your first week, and the bonus amount would be $30.

See the ‘Earnings’ tab of your Driver Dashboard for specific Rental Rewards requirements and learn more.

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Accelerate Rewards

Express Drivers have access to exclusive perks and discounts with Accelerate, our driver rewards program.

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