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Rental Rewards and bonuses

The Rental Rewards program has completely ended as of February 24, 2020. You’ll still be eligible for other incentives based on your region, season, and passenger demand. Check your email for more information.

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Bonus eligibility

Drivers enrolled in the Express Drive program are eligible for:

If you started renting before September 9, 2019, you're eligible for exclusive pricing plans and Rental Rewards.

If you started renting after September 9, 2019, you're eligible for Ride Challenges.

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Rental Rewards

Rental Rewards is a bonus you can use to offset the cost of your rental. To qualify each week, you'll need to meet requirements, like total ride count. You can see these requirements and monitor your progress in the Driver Dashboard.

If you meet the requirements, we'll automatically add the bonus to your earnings for the week – this covers most rental charges but not rental taxes.

Switching to Express Drive from a personal vehicle

If you start a rental contract during the current Lyft week, you may still see Ride Challenges in your app until the following Monday at 4:59 AM. After that, you'll see Rental Rewards.

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