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    Rideshare Passenger Location

    In order to provide you the best ride experience, Lyft uses your device’s location services while you’re using Lyft. With location information, Lyft can improve experiences around pickups, ride navigation, customer service, and more. We respect your privacy and provide you options about sharing your location with Lyft.
    If you have enabled location collection on your device, Lyft will collect your real-time location when you have the Lyft app open and visible on your screen as well as from the time you request a ride to the end of a ride, even if your app is not visible on your screen. When your app is running but not visible on your screen (in the “background”), you may see an icon or notice at the top of your screen indicating that Lyft is using this “background” location data, depending on your device and its settings.
    You can control Lyft’s collection of this background location information at any time by going into your Lyft app Settings > Privacy > Background location.
    • If you turn this setting off, Lyft will stop collecting your background location information.
    • If you choose “Share from request to drop off” Lyft will collect background location information from when you request a ride until the end of the ride.
    • If you choose “Share until pick up” Lyft will collect background location information from when you request a ride until the ride pick up.
    Independent of choices you make using this setting, Lyft will still collect trip location information from your driver for all rides.
    To learn more about Lyft’s privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy.

    To manage your location information

    Through your Lyft app settings:
    1. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Privacy’ then select ‘Background location’
    2. Tap to toggle ‘Background location sharing’ on or off.
    3. If ‘Background location sharing’ is toggled on, choose between ‘Share from request to drop off’ and ‘Share until pick up’
    Note: You can manage location permissions for Lyft at any time by going to your device settings.
    • iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Lyft
    • Android:
      • Android 9 & 10: Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permissions manager > Location > Lyft
      • Android 8: Settings > Apps & notifications > App Permissions > Location > Lyft

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