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    Promociones, descuentos para viajes y crédito de Lyft

    Lyft has two types of rider promotions: ride discounts and Lyft credit. Promotions are claimed using promo codes.
    Promotions may also be automatically applied to your account. Tap the 'Rewards' tab to see promotion details, such as value, expiration, ride limits, and terms.
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    ¿Dónde puedo ver mis promociones y crédito?

    If you have an active promotion on your account, you can view it in the ‘Rewards’ tab of the Lyft app. This menu will show the value of the promotion as well as the expiration date. Follow these steps to get there:
    1. Abre la app de Lyft.
    2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner
    3. Tap ‘Rewards’ in the menu that appears
    4. View any active promotions on your account. That's it!

    Types of promotions

    Lyft ofrece varios tipos de promociones:
    • Percentage discounts reduce your fare by a certain percent
    • Fixed discounts remove a set dollar amount from your fare. Fixed discounts apply to ride fare itself and some additional fees, but not tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees
    • Flat fares allow you to pay a set amount for rides up to a certain amount (this might look like $5 for a ride up to $10) and then pay for any additional overages
    Check the Terms to see specific promotion details. Terms are typically available in the communications you received about the promotion, or in the ‘Rewards’ tab in your app.
    Los descuentos de viaje solo son válidos para un viaje y no se transfieren de un viaje a otro. Si un viaje cuesta más que el monto del descuento, el monto restante se cobrará a tu método de pago predeterminado.

    How Lyft credit works

    Think of Lyft credit as cash in your account. Lyft credit will be automatically applied to eligible rides in the app. If you have multiple promos available, the highest value will automatically apply. You can tap on your payment method at the end of a ride to choose the promotion(s) you want to use.
    Lyft credit may be used over several rides until it expires or is used up. Lyft credit applies to the fare itself and some fees, but not tips, cancellation fees, or damage fees associated with the ride. Credits can either be directly added to your account, added through a link, or typed into the app.

    Coupon stacking

    Todos los cupones y las promociones son acumulables con los créditos de Lyft. Si tienes varios cupones en tu cuenta, automáticamente elegiremos la combinación que implique mayor ahorro.
    You can also select which coupons you want to apply on the rate and tip screen after your ride has been dropped off.

    Cómo agregar códigos promocionales

    Algunos créditos deben solicitarse a través de códigos de promoción, ya sea haciendo clic en un enlace o introduciendo el código en la app. Si tienes un código para ingresar en la app, sigue estos pasos antes de tu viaje:
    1. Abre la app de Lyft.
    2. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner
    3. Tap ‘Rewards’ in the menu that appears
    4. Selecciona “Ingresa el código promocional“ para agregar el código (comprueba que ingresaste el código correctamente).
    5. Selecciona “Aplicar“ para finalizar.
    Después de seguir estos pasos, verás si el código es válido para tu cuenta. También verás el monto de la promoción, la fecha de vencimiento y otros términos.

    Why isn’t my promo code working?

    You will see an error message if the promo code isn’t valid. Otherwise, you should see the promo appear.
    En la pantalla de “Pago”, después de un viaje, verás cualquier cantidad descontada de tu cargo del viaje y el monto total cobrado a tu método de pago. Si tu promoción no se aplicó automáticamente, selecciona “Método de pago” (situada sobre el total de tu viaje) para ver tus opciones de promoción disponibles.
    Here are the most common reasons a promo code wasn't applied to your ride:
    • It’s expired: Most codes expire on a certain date. The expiration date and time are specified in the ‘Rewards’ tab.
    • It’s limited to a certain location: Some codes are only valid in specific cities or for rides going to or from an exact location. You won’t be able to apply a credit to unqualified rides.
    • It's in a different currency: Promos for ride credit can only be used if the promo currency matches the currency where a ride taken. For example, ride credit in US dollars can't be used where rides are charged in Canadian dollars.
    • It's a business ride: Currently, ride credits won't apply by default to Business Profile rides because your employer typically reimburses you for these. On the rate and pay screen after your ride has ended, you can manually apply a specific promo code by tapping on your payment method (just above where it says either 'Business' or 'Personal'). From there, tap on 'Change applied promos' to enter a promo code or select the promo you would like to use.

    Registrarse en Lyft con un código promocional

    When you get a text with a sign-up link for Lyft or click a friend's referral link online (on Facebook for example), the promo code is automatically applied to your Lyft account. When you finish creating your account, tap the 'Rewards' tab see the promotion details (including whether it's a ride discount or a credit).
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