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    Comunicarse de manera segura en Lyft

    Read below to learn more about phishing scams, email fraud and other ways scammers try to trick you into giving them information to steal your earnings or compromise your account.
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    Personal info

    Lyft will only ever request personal information using the phone number, 855-529-5676, or the SMS number, 61416.
    Otherwise, no Lyft employee will contact you over phone, text, or e-mail asking for personal info unless you reach out to us first. Unless you contacted us first or the request is coming from one of the numbers above, don’t provide the following info:
    • Número de teléfono
    • Código de verificación del número de teléfono
    • Licencia de conducir
    • Número de tarjeta
    • Información bancaria
    If anyone ever asks for the above, it may not be Lyft. If you didn’t reach out to us, the best thing to do is hang up or ignore the message.


    En los fraudes de phishing, se intenta engañar a los usuarios para que proporcionen información personal o información sobre sus cuentas. El estafador usa esta información para iniciar sesión en tu cuenta, hacerse pasar por ti, y hasta robar tus ganancias.
    Phishing attempts can happen over phone, text, or email. If you suspect fraudulent behavior, simply ignore the conversation. As a reminder, no Lyft employee will ask you for personal info unless you reach out first.
    Below is an example of phishing. This scam uses a text message to send users to a fake website where their account info will be stolen.

    Email fraud

    Lyft will only send you emails from the following:
    Be cautious of emails claiming to be from Lyft that don’t have either of the above domains in the email address. These emails can include malicious attachments or links to spam and phishing sites.
    If you get an email that looks like it came from Lyft but wasn't sent from one of these addresses, don't open any of the links and delete the email.
    To help ensure trusted communications with Lyft, verify your email in the 'Settings' tab of the app.

    How to handle suspicious activity

    Here’s how we recommend dealing with suspicious or fraudulent contacts:
    • Phone calls: hang up immediately
    • Text message: don’t open links or respond to sender
    • Email: don’t open links and don’t download any attachments. Delete suspicious emails you see in your inbox.
    Tap 'Contact Support' below to let us know about any suspicious contact attempts.
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