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    Cómo reportar los daños causados por pasajeros

    For non-safety related issues or damage, see 'Non-safety incidents.'
    Ir a:

    Critical Response Line

    Our Trust & Safety team is here for you 24/7. If you need to report an accident, passenger behavior that threatened your personal safety, or if you receive a regulatory citation, please select the contact support button below.

    Non-safety incidents & damage

    To report damage, tap 'Contact Support' below with the following info:
    • Por lo menos dos fotos claras del daño (consulta los consejos para tomar fotos)
    • Identifying info about the passenger (first name works best, but pick-up and drop-off locations and times are also helpful)
    • Report the damage before beginning the next ride, or within 2 hours, whichever is sooner
    • Brief description of how the incident occurred
    We'll assess the damage after you've submitted this. If the damage warrants a flat-rate fee, we'll be in touch.
    If the damage requires significant cleaning or repair and prevents you giving Lyft rides, wait until your car is up to speed before driving.

    Photo tips

    Revisa tu auto regularmente después de completar un viaje para verificar cualquier daño por parte del pasajero. Si encuentras algún daño por parte del pasajero, recuerda estos consejos:
    • Toma una foto con tu teléfono para crear un registro de la hora y fecha del incidente
    • Enciende la luz interior del auto para asegurarte de que las fotos sean claras
    • Utiliza el flash de tu teléfono al tomar fotos
    Note: Lyft determines the damage fee amount, which is meant to help drivers repair, remediate, or clean affected areas of their vehicle only. We handle damage reports on a case-by-case basis. Damage fees come entirely from passengers.
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