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    Cómo ser conductor de Lyft XL

    If your car seats six or more passengers, you’re eligible to become a Lyft XL driver and make more money.
    Lyft XL rides have a higher rate, which varies by region. You can check your city’s rate card in your Dashboard.
    Note: As part of Lyft’s Health Safety Commitment, the front passenger seat must remain empty.
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    Becoming a Lyft XL driver

    You can start giving Lyft XL rides by opting-in in the app. You’ll only receive regular ride requests if there aren't any Lyft XL requests in your area.
    Si tienes un vehículo que reúne los requisitos, aquí explicamos cómo recibir viajes XL:
    1. Open the Lyft Driver app, then tap your profile photo in the top left corner.
    2. Tap 'Driver Dashboard.'
    3. Tap the 'Vehicles' tab.
    4. Tap the arrow on 'Ride preferences.’
    5. Select the ride types you want.
    If the current car on your profile can’t seat five or more people, follow these steps to add or switch vehicles.

    Ride safety

    You should never drive a group of passengers whose group exceeds the number of seat belts in your vehicle.
    Here’s how to cancel a ride with too many passengers:
    1. Tap the arrow in the top right corner of your app.
    2. Tap ‘Cancel.’
    3. Tap ‘Too many passengers.’
    Learn more about our driver cancellation policy.
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