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    Recoger al pasajero incorrecto

    Lyft-jacking is the unintentional mismatching of drivers and passengers (i.e. when a passenger gets into the wrong Lyft car outside of that movie theater or concert).


    It can happen to anyone — an eager rider sees your Lyft emblem and jumps into your car. They may even claim to be the requesting passenger.
    To prevent this situation, we recommend the following:
    • Rather than asking "Are you ____?", ask: "What's your name?" and make sure it matches the app.
    • Check to see if their app has your picture on it, or ask them to check. Passengers will appreciate you taking this precaution — you can even let them know that you're just checking to make sure you've got the right passenger.
    Si se recoge al pasajero equivocado, se recomienda pedirle amablemente que salga del vehículo y pida su viaje. En algunas ciudades, hasta puedes obtener recompensas por recomendar a pasajeros nuevos.

    What if it's already happened?

    If adjustments need to be made to the ride, or you ended up driving the wrong passenger, tap 'Contact Support' below. Include the following:
    • El nombre del pasajero
    • Date and time of ride
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