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    Realizar viajes a lugares populares de Chicago

    Follow the rules below in order to provide smooth rides at Chicago's busiest locations: Navy Pier, McCormick Place, and Soldier Field.
    Consulta la pestaña Centro de aprendizaje en tu app de Lyft Driver para obtener más consejos sobre cuándo y dónde manejar.
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    Navy Pier

    You may pick up and drop off passengers at the Navy Pier. You may not wait for requests on Navy Pier property.
    Pick up passengers from the designated Lyft loading areas — look out for the Rideshare/Lyft signs.
    Upon arrival, be sure to follow the instructions of the Authorized Personnel to drop off passengers in the proper loading areas.

    McCormick Place

    You may pick up and drop off passengers at McCormick Place. You may not wait for requests on McCormick Place property.
    Recoger y dejar pasajeros
    • South and North buildings: Designated curb within McCormick Square — Gate 4.5
    • West building: Northbound curb of Indiana Avenue — Gate 40.5
    • Lakeside Center/McCormick Place Campus: Just South of Lakeside Center — Gate 38
    • Energy Center and Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel: Northbound curb of King Drive

    Soldier Field

    You may pick up and drop off passengers at the following designated areas near Soldier Field. You may not wait for requests on Soldier Field property or stop on Lake Shore Drive.
    Recoge pasajeros en Balbo entre Columbus y Lake Shore Drive.
    • Balbo between Columbus and Lake Shore Drive (same as pickup location)
    • 18th Street turnaround west of Lake Shore Drive

    Emblema de Lyft

    Display your pink Lyft emblem on the passenger side of your front windshield whenever giving Lyft rides.
    If you’ve been approved to drive, you should receive a hard copy version of your Lyft emblem within a couple weeks. Didn't receive one? Let us know and we'll look into it. In the meantime, you can print a temporary emblem.

    Review Chicago Requirements

    Cuando manejes con Lyft en Chicago, siempre debes tener lo siguiente:
    • Lyft Emblem
    • City Tax Emblem
    • Formulario de inspección del vehículo (consérvalo en LA guantera)
    Para aprender más sobre estos documentos, haz clic aquí.

    Review our Policies

    • Educate yourself on how to assist members of the community with disabilities. Review anti-discrimination policies here.
    • Consulta las políticas de Seguridad y de Cero tolerancia aquí.
    • Review and comply with driver requirements in Chicago by reading through this page.
    • Before conducting rides at Chicago airports, you must complete the lesson and quiz we sent you via email.
    Consulta también lo siguiente:

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