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    Cómo funcionan los peajes para los conductores

    If you pass through a toll during a ride, the cost of the toll is automatically added to the passenger's ride fare. You’ll pay the toll upfront, then get reimbursed for the toll in your ride earnings.
    These tolls won’t be reimbursed:
    • Optional express or HOV lane tolls
    • Tolls before you tap to arrive
    • Tolls after you drop the passenger off, except in regions with applicable return tolls
    Si tu pasajero ofrece pagar el peaje en efectivo, rechaza su oferta. Su tarifa incluye el costo de todos los peajes, y nuestros Términos de servicio prohíben el uso de dinero en efectivo para pagar peajes.
    Lyft doesn’t  pay toll collectors. Lyft drivers are responsible for paying toll collection agencies directly for toll fees. Lyft is unable to cover charges from late toll payments, administrative fees, or new tags.
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    Tolls that aren't eligible for reimbursement

    You’re only reimbursed for tolls that passenger’s pay for in their ride fare.
    You aren’t reimbursed for these tolls:
    • Optional express or HOV lane tolls
    • Tolls before you tap to arrive
    • Tolls after the ride ends, except in regions with applicable return tolls

    Applicable return tolls

    If you have to pay a toll to return to your original location after a ride, that toll may be added to your passenger's fare. You can see a list of all applicable return tolls below.
    San Francisco/Silicon Valley, California
    • Golden Gate Bridge (Northbound)
    • Bay Bridge (Eastbound)
    • Antioch Bridge (Southbound)
    • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (Eastbound)
    • Carquinez Bridge (Southbound)
    • San Mateo-Hayward Bridge (Eastbound)
    • Dumbarton Bridge (Eastbound)
    Miami, Florida
    • Broad Causeway (Eastbound)
    • Card Sound Bridge
    • Rickenbacker Causeway
    New Jersey and New York
    • Holland Tunnel (Westbound)
    • Lincoln Tunnel (Westbound)
    • George Washington Bridge (Westbound)
    • Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (Northbound)
    • Outerbridge Crossing (Westbound)
    • Goethals Bridge (Westbound)
    • Bayonne Bridge (Westbound)
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Ben Franklin Bridge (Westbound)
    • Walt Whitman Bridge (Westbound)
    • Betsy Ross Bridge (Westbound)
    • Commodore Barry Bridge (Westbound)
    • Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (Westbound)
    Washington state
    • Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Westbound)

    How we calculate tolls

    We base our toll charges on the local electronic toll collection system's pricing. Usually, this price is lower than the cash rate. We can’t reimburse the difference between the cash rate and the local electronic rate. To avoid overpaying, we recommend you use the electronic system.

    Tolls in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts drivers are reimbursed for applicable tolls at the commercial E-ZPass rate. Drivers will receive an adjustment from E-ZPass to the commercial toll rate on their E-ZPass statement. Drivers with commercial transponders won’t  see a difference in their E-ZPass statement. Learn more about this on the MassDOT website.

    Regional surcharges

    Connecticut and New York City
    You’ll receive an additional $15 surcharge if a ride starts in Connecticut and ends in New York City.
    New Jersey and New York City
    Todos los viajes entre la ciudad de Nueva York y Nueva Jersey tienen un sobrecargo de $20, que incluye todos los peajes.
    You'll receive an extra $19 if the ride:
    1. Comienza en Nueva Jersey
    2. Cruza Staten Island.
    3. Cruza el puente Verrazzano-Narrows yendo hacia el este.
    The extra $19 will display in two payments: one for $6.12 and one for $12.88.

    View your toll reimbursements in the app

    You can view your toll reimbursements in your Dashboard. You’ll find the tolls for each ride in the individual ride breakdown in your Driving History. You can also see them as line items in your weekly summary. Tolls aren’t shown in your earnings tab. Go to ‘How to see your earnings’ to learn more.

    Requesting a toll review

    If you think there’s a problem with a toll reimbursement, you can follow these steps to get your toll reviewed:
    1. Open the app menu and tap ‘Help’
    2. Under ‘Your last ride,’ tap ‘Get help with this ride.' If you want to review a different ride, tap 'See other rides' instead.
    3. Select ‘Toll payment or reimbursement’ from the list of to help topics
    From there, you’ll be able to review your selected ride. Review requests must be submitted within 30 days of the original ride.
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