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    Cómo cambiar tu dirección

    Always keep your address updated in case we need to mail you anything, such as your tax forms or a Lyft Amp if you qualify.
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    Requisitos de la dirección

    Remember these requirements when adding or updating your shipping address:
    • Leave fields blank if they don't apply to your shipping address
      • For example, don't enter "N/A," "none," "same," or "home"
    • If your address doesn't fit in the 'Address Line 1' and 'Address Line 2' fields, use USPS abbreviations to shorten it
    • Enter your info in the correct spaces. For example, state info should be entered in the state space. The state and city shouldn't both be included in spaces like 'Address Line 2."
    • Use the city you want to receive packages in. This city may not be the same city where you drive.
    • We already have your name, so no need to enter this again!
    • Use English characters, which means no accent marks non-English characters like Chinese or Cyrillic. These characters or marks may delay delivery.
    • No ingreses instrucciones especiales de envío en los campos para la dirección

    Update your address

    Now that you're ready to add or change your shipping address, here's how.
    Before you begin, make sure you have the most updated version of Lyft Driver before adding or changing your shipping address. See the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.
    Comienza ahora:
    1. Open your Lyft Driver app
    2. Toca tu foto de perfil en la esquina superior izquierda
    3. Go to 'Settings'
    4. Toca “Shipping address”
    5. Enter the shipping info where you want to receive deliveries. Be sure to read address requirements when adding or changing your address.
    6. Toca “Save”

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