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    Cómo resolver problemas con el sonido

    We know it’s important to get alerts and notifications. If you’re not hearing these alerts, you may need to change your device’s settings.
    Sounds issues are difficult to fix by email or phone because device settings and operating systems change often. We recommend visiting your service provider’s support team to solve any sound issues you have.
    Before you start, update your app and device’s operating system. Learn how by reading Phone software recommendations and settings and How to update the app.
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    Android sound settings

    Android 6.0
    The options below are found in Settings, then ‘Sounds and Notifications.’
    • System sound: Go to ‘Raise ‘Ringtone,’ then ‘Media’ and ‘Notifications.’ Use ‘System’ to adjust volume settings.
    • Sound mode: Use ‘Sound mode,’ then ‘Select Sound.’
    • Do not disturb: Make sure all boxes are unchecked for ‘Do not disturb.’
    • Notifications on Lock screen: Go to ‘Notifications on Lock screen,’ then toggle ‘Show content’ on.
    • App settings: In ‘Application Notifications,’ look for ‘Lyft.’ Then, activate all notification options.
    Android 7.0
    Las siguientes opciones se encuentran en “Settings“ (Configuración).
    • Sound Mode: Go to ‘Sounds and Vibration.’ Make sure Sound Mode isn’t toggled to ‘Mute.’
    • Volume: Go to ‘Sounds and Vibration,’ then ‘Volume.’ Check the volume levels for ‘Ringtone,’ ‘Media,’ ‘Notifications,’ and ‘System’ to adjust as needed.
    • Do not disturb: Go to ‘Sounds and Vibration’ then ‘Do not disturb.’ Make sure all boxes are unchecked.
    • App Notifications: Go to ‘Notifications,’ then ‘Lyft.’ Turn notifications on.
    • Advanced App Notifications: Go to ‘Notification,’ then ‘Advanced.’ Look for ‘Lyft,’ then select ‘Allow notification’ and toggle ‘Set as Priority’ on. Toggle ‘Show Silently’ off.
    • App Display: Go to ‘Applications,’ then ‘Lyft’ and ‘Advanced.’ Make sure ‘Apps that can appear on top’ is toggled on.
    Para obtener más información, dirígete al Centro de Ayuda de Android.

    iPhone sound settings

    • Los botones en la parte lateral de tu teléfono controlan el volumen. Para ver y cambiar la configuración de las notificaciones, sigue las instrucciones de notificaciones del equipo de asistencia de Apple. Los iPhone tienen algunos ajustes de sonido para diferentes funciones del teléfono, como las llamadas telefónicas, los mensajes de texto y las notificaciones de las aplicaciones.
    • Desliza hacia abajo desde la esquina superior derecha de tu pantalla para ver el panel de control. Puedes ajustar el volumen en esta pantalla. Abre Lyft o Lyft Driver y, después, desliza hacia arriba para ajustar el volumen desde allí.
    • Do not Disturb Settings: Read more from Apple Support about Do not Disturb settings.
    • Interruptor de silencio: Asegúrate de que el "interruptor de silencio" no esté activado. Conoce más sobre los botones e interruptores en el sitio de asistencia de Apple.
    For more info, go to Apple Support.

    Bluetooth settings

    Having your car and phone connected by Bluetooth alone may cause issues depending on your device’s service provider. Try temporarily turning off Bluetooth to see if the sound restores.
    For Android users who want to turn off Bluetooth, go to ‘Connections' and ‘Bluetooth.’ Then, toggle Bluetooth off.
    If your sound works after turning off Bluetooth, you may need to reset the connection to your Bluetooth devices.

    Other languages

    Lyft is designed to provide voice notifications in English.
    If you’re hearing notifications in a different language, check your device’s language and navigation language settings.
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