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    Reportar un accidente o un choque

    Call 911 for emergencies.
    Durante un viaje, puedes llamar al 911 usando nuestro Centro de seguridad dentro de la app.
    To report an accident, tap the button below to get connected with our Claims Customer Care team.
    Accidents are:
    • Vehicle collision
    • Vehicle struck an object (for example a curb, wall, or tree)
    • El vehículo dañó una propiedad de terceros.
    We’ll guide you through the next steps of reporting a vehicle collision. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    If you need a Post Collision Inspection due to an accident, use this form. Please note that this form is not for new applicants or vehicles and is only to be used after an accident has been reported to Lyft.
    If you have a safety concern that didn’t involve a collision, contact our Safety team.
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