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    Cómo compartir tu ubicación con amigos y familiares mientras manejas

    Tu seguridad siempre es nuestra prioridad. Cuando viajas con Lyft, puedes compartir tu ubicación con familiares o amigos.
    Cuando compartes tu ubicación de manejo con alguien, esta persona recibirá un enlace que mostrará lo siguiente:
    • Tu ubicación GPS aproximada
    • Cuando estás en un viaje
    • Cuánto tiempo has estado manejando
    Para proteger la privacidad del pasajero, no podrán ver las ubicaciones de destino ni de partida.
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    Types of location sharing

    There are three settings to share your location:
    Always share when I'm online
    • This setting is on by default
    I'll choose when to share
    • Your location is not shared automatically but the icon still appears for you to start sharing when you want to
    • You can tap on the Share Location icon to start sharing your location or turn the feature off
    Never share
    • You won't see the Share Location icon at all if this is set
    When your location is shared, the Share Location icon will change color to indicate that it is on:
    When your location is not shared, the Share Location icon will change color to indicate that it is off:
    You'll also be able to tell when a trusted contact starts following your location:

    Selecting trusted contacts

    1. While offline, go to your Settings and tap Safety Tools
    2. In the Share Your Location section, tap 'Add'
    3. The app will pull your list of contacts
    4. Add up to 5 contacts
    5. Set up your share settings
    To remove a contact permanently, tap their name and swipe to the left to delete.
    Note: You can't change your trusted contacts while driving, only when offline.

    What trusted contacts see

    When your location is shared, all selected contacts will receive a text message with a link to follow your location. You'll be alerted that someone is following your ride if they click the link.
    The link opens a view of your ride in the trusted contact's default web browser. Here they can see if you are in a ride, your approximate location, and how long you've been driving.
    To protect a passenger's privacy, trusted contacts are unable to see drop-off or pick-up locations.
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