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    Pedidos de datos de terceros

    Si eres una parte privada que busca datos de usuarios de Lyft, Inc para su uso en procesos civiles o penales en nombre de un demandado en una causa penal, esta página te brinda información sobre cómo presentar citaciones en materia civil u otros pedidos de terceros a Lyft, Inc. (“Lyft”) para obtener respuestas rápidas.
    Cuando Lyft recibe citaciones en materia civil o pedidos de terceros de datos de usuarios, los revisamos atentamente según las leyes federales y estatales correspondientes. Es política de Lyft notificar a los usuarios antes de que se divulguen los datos, tal y como se establece en nuestra Política de privacidad y en nuestros Términos de servicio.
    If you are law enforcement seeking user data related to a criminal investigation, please refer to Lyft’s Law Enforcement Request Guidelines for instructions on how to submit law enforcement requests.
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    ¿Qué tipo de proceso legal es requerido por Lyft antes de proporcionar la información de usuario?

    We review each subpoena or data request for validity, and will reject requests that are not facially and substantively valid. We require requests to be narrowly tailored, and limited in scope. Before making a request, please check to see if the information sought is publicly available or available from a party in the litigation.
    In order to make sure your request is valid, please ensure your request contains the following:
    • A sufficiently narrow time period, and the specific data requested within that time period
    • A specific identifying reference such as an email or phone number (Names and birthdays are insufficient)
    • Your contact information (i.e., name and email address and/or phone number)
    When we determine that we are required by law to disclose data, we will search for and disclose data that we are reasonably able to locate and retrieve.

    Serving civil subpoenas and third party requests

    Lyft, Inc. only responds to valid legal requests for user data (including subpoenas and court orders). This means that a subpoena or third party request for data to be used in a civil case must be a valid Federal or California subpoena. Civil subpoenas issued in connection with a state case pending outside California must comply with California’s Interstate and International Depositions and Discovery Act.
    You can serve Lyft with the civil request through the appropriate office of Lyft’s registered service agent, CT Corporation Service Company (or “CT Corporation”). The CT Corporation office in California is located at the following address:
    C T Corporation System
    818 West Seventh Street, Suite 930
    Los Angeles, California 90017
    For federal civil cases, subpoenas may be served through Lyft’s registered agent for service of process in the state where the federal case is pending or the address provided above.
    Subpoenas related to any civil state case should be served on CT Corporation at the California address provided above. Lyft will accept service only if the entity to whom the document is directed matches the name of the entity registered with the Secretary of State. Our acceptance of legal process does not waive any legal objections, rights, or remedies that Lyft may have and may raise in response.
    LYFT is unable to accept service by email, fax, or regular mail.

    Obtaining information from my own account

    Individuals seeking user data through a civil subpoena or third party request may find that a user can directly provide information. We email users a receipt after each trip with detailed information including: date, time, pickup and drop off locations, route, distance, duration, fare breakdown, method of payment, and user names.
    In addition, a user may access their profile at any time. To find out more on how to access your information, please visit our privacy homepage.
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