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How to change your phone number

If you change your phone number, don’t create a new account. Instead, update your old account with the instructions below. If you create a new account, you could lose account info (including your star rating and total ride count).
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers aren’t compatible with the Lyft Platform. Contact your service provider if you aren't sure what type of phone number you have.
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Lyft app
To update your phone number in the Lyft app:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Settings.'
  2. Tap on your existing phone number.
  3. Type in your new phone number, then tap 'Save.'
Lyft Driver app
To update your phone number in the Lyft Driver app:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Account.'
  2. Tap 'Personal info.'
  3. Tap your existing phone number.
  4. Type in your new phone number.
  5. Enter the verification code we text you.
Need help logging in
If you don't have access to your old phone number, you can update your number with our account recovery feature. You'll need to be able to access the email address on your Lyft account.
To update your phone number:
  1. Open the Lyft app.
  2. Tap ‘Get started.’
  3. Under the phone number field, tap ‘Find my account.’
  4. Enter the email address on your Lyft account.
  5. Open the email we send you.
  6. Use the recovery button to sign in with your new phone number.
Once you enter your new phone number, we’ll text you a verification code. After you enter your code, your account’s phone number will be updated.
"We couldn't find your account" message
If you get an email with the subject “We couldn’t find your account,” this means the email address you entered doesn’t match the one on your account.
You can follow the steps above to try a different email address, or you can reach out to our support team.
Use the ‘Contact Us’ button below and we’ll help you update your account.
Make sure to include your:
  1. First and last name
  2. Old phone number
  3. New phone number
  4. Current email address
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