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Airport information for riders

We're partnered with airports across the country to take the stress out of getting to and from the airport. See the full list of airports below, and our guidelines for getting picked up and dropped off.
If you're a driver, visit Airport information for drivers for details on giving airport rides.
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Taking an airport ride
Getting picked up
  1. When you have your bags in hand and you’re ready to go, open up the app to request a ride.
  2. Verify your pin was dropped near the terminal where you are currently waiting, or follow the instructions in the app directing you to the appropriate door.
  3. Once the request has been made, feel free to call your driver to confirm the best location to meet. Please note: Some airports designate specific areas for drivers to pick up riders. Drivers are required to never leave their vehicle unattended on airport property.
Getting dropped off
  1. When you have your bags in hand and you are ready to go to the airport, open up the app to request a ride.
  2. Verify your pickup location is correct on the app. If not, move the pin to your location, or change the address manually by typing it in the box.
  3. Let the driver know which airport and terminal you’re going to. You can also enter your destination directly into the app at any point before or during the ride.
If you feel your party or amount of luggage may overfill a regular 4-door car, we suggest requesting a XL ride, which can seat up to 6.
Locating your driver
As soon as a driver accepts your request, their name, photo, car information, and rating appear in your app.
You can also see the driver’s ETA and watch as their car approaches on the map to your confirmed pickup location. If you need to, give them a call by tapping the phone icon.
Cost of a ride
To view a full pricing breakdown and get an estimate, use our Fare Estimator tool.
Canceling a ride
If you find that you are not quite ready to be picked up, you may cancel your ride through the app using the icon on the top right of the home screen. Keep in mind that in order to avoid being charged a cancellation fee, you need to cancel within 5 minutes of making your request.
Preorder pickups at select airports
Note: Preorder pickups are only available at LAX, MDW and ORD.
You can preorder a ride at the airport as soon as your plane lands. This new way of ordering a ride makes airport pickup times faster and eliminates the wait time for on-demand rides.
Your driver will be notified to arrive at your designated pickup location once you request a ride.
To preorder a ride:
  1. Set your destination, and choose a ride type.
  2. Select if you need to pick up luggage from baggage claim.
  3. Confirm your pickup location.
  4. Walk towards the Lyft pickup spot to be matched with a driver to meet you at the curb.
Your pickup time is calculated as soon as you start walking towards your pickup location.
After you preorder a ride, we’ll ask if you have any bags. If you do, we account for that and use location tracking to send the driver to arrive shortly after you do.
If you need to make a stop like going to the restroom, buying food and beverages, visiting the gift shop, etc., we recommend preordering a ride only after you complete your stop.
Pickup time is calculated using the distance between your terminal and your pickup location.
If you make a stop, this may cause miscalculations within the app.
Once you preorder a ride, the price of that ride is locked in and will not change. There is no additional cost to preordering.
You may be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel:
  1. More than 30 seconds after the driver accepts your ride.
  2. After your driver arrives.
  3. 3 or more rides in a 15-minute timeframe.
These fees go towards compensating your driver for their time and gas, and may vary based on how busy it is.
If you request a ride for someone else, you’ll be charged any cancel or no-show fees for that ride.
Airports we serve
See a full list of airports we serve and details about getting picked up and dropped off on our Airports page.
Prohibited operations
At the following California airports, all operations are currently prohibited — including pickups and drop-offs. This includes (but is not limited to) all airports in the list below.
Thank you for helping us stay compliant, and respecting our agreements with airport officials.
  1. Buchanan Field Airport (CCR)
  2. Santa Monica Muni Airport (SMO)
  3. Camarillo Airport (KCMA)
  4. French Valley Airport (RBK)
  5. Jacqueline Cochran Rgn Airport (TRM)
  6. Mojave Airport (MHV)
  7. Napa County Airport (APC)
  8. Oceanside Airport (OCN)
  9. Ramona Airport (KRNM)
  10. Sacramento Executive (SAC)
  11. Sacramento Mather Airport (MHR)
  12. San Bernardino Int'l (SBD)
  13. Santa Maria Airport (SMX)
  14. Southern California Logistics Airport (VCV)
  15. Stockton Metropolitan (SCK)
  16. Ventura County Airport (OXR)

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