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    Zonas Especiais Pessoais

    Personal Power Zones are a way to earn more as a driver by finding high demand areas and scoring a bonus on your next ride.
    Once a Personal Power Zone bonus starts accruing, you’re guaranteed that amount after your next ride as long as you complete it before leaving driver mode.
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    How it works

    Personal Power Zones are available based on demand.
    Some Personal Power Zones appear on the map when there's high demand nearby. These zones are based on your location, making it easy to see exactly where you can earn bonuses.
    You may also find scheduled Personal Power Zones in your region. If available, scheduled zones are listed in the 'Earnings' tab of your Lyft Driver app. Each scheduled zone has a location, time, and a potential bonus amount.
    You earn a bonus on your next ride if:
    • Você entra em uma Zona Especial Pessoal ou
    • Your rider is in the zone (you don’t have to be in the zone when you accept the ride)

    Como receber o bônus

    When you see a Personal Power Zone, follow these steps to score a bonus on your next ride:
    1. Dirija na zona roxa para garantir um bônus na sua próxima corrida.
    2. Dirija para a zona rosa para garantir um bônus ainda maior. Quanto mais tempo você permanecer nela, maior será o bônus.
    3. Give a ride to get your bonus. Once you've gotten a bonus guarantee, stay online and accept your next request. You'll earn the bonus when you complete that ride.
    You’ll also earn a bonus if your rider is in one of the zones when you accept the ride, even if you’re not in the zone.
    You won't lose your bonus if you leave a Personal Power Zone, but the bonus will stop getting bigger, and you'll see the bonus notification turn grey. The bonus will also stop getting bigger if you enter Destination Mode.
    Um bônus de Zonas Especiais Pessoais pode ser cancelado se:
    • You let your next ride request lapse.
    • You cancel your next ride. Note: If the rider cancels, your bonus will not be cancelled. You'll have the opportunity to receive the bonus on your next ride.
    • You go offline (exit Driver Mode) before you complete a ride. You won't be eligible for that bonus the next time you enter Driver Mode.
    • Sua corrida foi reatribuída a outro motorista porque você não estava em posição para chegar dentro de 5 minutos do horário previsto de chegada original.
    Here’s how Personal Power Zones will appear on your map depending on your location:

    Áreas concorridas

    During times with less rider demand, you may not see a Personal Power Zone. When there’s no Personal Power Zone nearby, you’ll see hot spots where demand is trending all over your region.
    Hot spots are orange and yellow in color. These areas indicate higher ride demand, but do not indicate a bonus.
    As you drive, your map will continue to show updated hot spots unless there are Personal Power Zones available.

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