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    Como ligar para os passageiros

    Sometimes you need to call passengers to let them know you've arrived. The app is set up for you to do so. Simply tap the phone icon to start your call.
    Passengers won't see your actual phone number. We use a third-party service to hide phone numbers in the app, so passengers won't see your personal info (and you won't see theirs).
    You can also use the app to send your passenger a message. You can choose pre-selected options or type a custom message. To type your own message, the vehicle must be stopped. You'll also need to use a pre-selected option first to start the chat.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why aren't my phone calls going through to my passengers? Be sure to use the same phone registered to your Lyft account. Your phone number is saved on the 'Settings' tab.
    Another common reason this happens is caller ID is blocked on your phone. You must turn on caller ID to reach passengers through the app.
    Se você tiver verificado seu número de telefone e o ID do chamador e ainda assim não conseguir fazer chamadas, toque em "Entre em contato com o suporte" abaixo. Ficaremos felizes em ajudar.
    Why can't I use the app while I'm on the phone? Some wireless networks don't allow smartphones to multitask (like using apps and talking on the phone at the same time). You'll still be able to call your passengers, but you'll leave the app when doing so.
    Não se preocupe: os dados da sua corrida não serão perdidos. Quando parar de falar ao telefone, reabra o app para retomar.
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