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    Como fazer capturas de tela do app

    If you find the app isn't playing nice or cooperating with you, we’d like to know! Screenshots are key when reporting technical issues, along with detailed descriptions of exactly what's happening in your own words.
    Because the design of smartphones can change with each new model, we let the experts instruct you on best practices for taking screen shots.

    How to attach a screenshot

    Depois de capturar a tela, não se esqueça de anexá-la quando entrar em contato conosco.
    1. Toque em "Contatar o Suporte" na parte inferior da tela.
    2. Tap 'Add file' under the 'Attachments' header, then choose a screen shot. File names appear after screen shots are successfully chosen.
    3. Use the 'Additional details' section to give us more info. The more you tell us, the better equipped we'll be to determine what's going on.
    4. Tap 'Submit.' A member of our Support team will follow up as soon as possible.
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