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    Taxa de aceitação

    Acceptance rates are based on the percentage of ride requests you accept and complete.
    You have the right to accept or decline a ride request at any time. Declined requests still count toward your total ride requests for your acceptance rate. If a passenger cancels a ride request, your acceptance rate won't change.
    O Lyft usa as taxas de aceitação para determinar a elegibilidade de determinados recursos e ajudar a manter curtos os tempos de espera do passageiro. Consulte sua taxa de aceitação no seu Painel do Motorista.
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    Cálculo da taxa de aceitação

    Your acceptance rate is based on the number of ride requests that you accept and complete. This includes when you drop off a passenger or mark someone as 'no show.' If a passenger cancels a ride request, your acceptance rate won't change.
    Say you complete 50 rides, you miss two requests, and you cancel one ride. Your acceptance rate would be 94% (50 completed rides out of 53 total requests).
    You'll divide 50 completed rides by 53 total ride requests.
    50 rides/53 requests = 94%

    Taxas de aceitação reduzidas

    Sua taxa de aceitação pode baixar devido a solicitações perdidas, cancelamentos de motorista ou corridas aceitas automaticamente.
    Solicitações perdidas
    If you miss a request because of technical or connectivity issues, Lyft won’t count this towards your acceptance rate. Learn more about Phone and connectivity issues.
    Cancelamentos do motorista
    Requests that you cancel count against your acceptance rate. Learn more about Cancellation and no-show policy for drivers.
    Auto-accepted rides
    If you turn off auto-accept and decline or cancel a ride, it will still impact your acceptance rate like a standard ride.
    If a request counts down to zero before you accept it, your acceptance rate may decrease.
    If you can’t or don’t want to accept ride requests, we recommend taking a break. Breaks are fine and good for your health!

    Shared rides and your rate

    Like any ride request, you can choose to accept or decline Shared ride requests. If you prefer not to give a Shared ride, let the request expire and wait for a non-Shared request. Declined Shared ride requests are still counted in your total ride requests.
    Each Shared ride pickup counts as one ride, including when passengers bring a friend. If you cancel a ride because of the wrong amount of passengers, the app will count this as one cancellation.

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