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    Áreas de cobertura do Lyft

    See our Cities page for a full list and details of the cities we operate in.
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    Can requests be made outside the coverage area?

    Lyft requests can only be made from inside your city's coverage area. Most of our coverage areas include the city itself and surrounding areas.

    Can rides go outside the coverage area?

    You can take a Lyft outside of the coverage area as long as the ride doesn't exceed a distance 100 miles total.
    Lyft does not support crossing international borders. Drivers have the right to deny these kinds of passenger requests.

    Can I take rides in a city I didn't sign up in?

    Yes, the app works the same way in all of our Cities. Lyft is a great way to get to know other cities because our drivers are locals who generally know quite a bit about the place you're visiting!
    Keep in mind that some promotions are region-specific, so if you have a promo code or received credit, it may not apply to your ride in a different region.

    Com qual frequência a Lyft expande as áreas de cobertura?

    We're constantly growing and changing. It's likely the areas we cover will continue to expand as the Lyft community grows.
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