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    Doe uma corrida

    Through our LyftUp program, we’re providing access to the free rides people need to reach food, jobs, and essential services. Join us by donating to one of our LyftUp partners right from your Lyft app.
    Donations are being collected on behalf of United Way, National Urban League, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, and Goodwill to provide free rides and food delivery services to those in need.
    All donations are one time donations and are non-refundable. Accepted payment methods are:
    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards
    • Cartões pré-pagos
    • PayPal
    Donations can be made through the Lyft app or through the donation site on your browser. You may also receive an email with information on how to donate. Just select United Way, National Urban League, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, or Goodwill, a donation amount, and a payment method. Once done, tap on Confirm. When your donation is complete, you’ll receive a receipt via email.
    Note: Apple pay, Google Pay, Gift cards, Lyft Cash, Commuter benefit cards, and Employee credits are not acceptable donation methods. You’ll see a notification under the Payment section asking you to add a different payment method in the app if this is the case.
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