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Car seat mode

Car seat mode makes it easy for parents to travel with their child. Car seat mode matches riders with the same kinds of vehicles as standard Lyft rides, just with car seats.
Car seat rides are currently only available in New York City. If Car seat rides are available in your city, you’ll see the option when selecting a ride.
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How to request
When requesting a ride with a car seat:
  1. Select 'Car seat' ride type
  2. Set your pickup and drop-off locations
  3. Request the ride
When the driver arrives, it’s your responsibility to secure your child in the car seat.
Car seat rides include an additional fee of $10 on the ride fare.
Safety details
Car seat mode drivers have the IMMI Go car seat, which is forward-facing.
Please note the child sitting in the car seat must be between 31" - 52" inches in height and between 22 - 48 pounds in weight. The seat isn’t suitable for children under 2 years old.
Riders are responsible for:
  1. Verifying the car seat is safe and secure before choosing to take the ride
  2. Safely securing the child in the car seat and removing that child at the end of a ride
Drivers are responsible for:
  1. Safely installing and uninstalling car seats at the beginning and end of each ride
  2. Taking the test on how to properly install and maintain car seat
  3. Recognizing whether their car seat is in proper working condition
Only drivers that pass the test take part in the Car seat program.
Other Terms
Limit one child per car seat ride. Car seats aren't suitable for children under 2 years old and may only be used for children 31” - 52” tall and 22 - 48 lbs.
Lyft will be in no way liable for any improperly installed car seat or improperly secured child. If you have concerns about the safety or integrity of a particular car seat, you can contact Lyft Support. Use of Car seat mode is subject to the Lyft Terms of Service.
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