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    Lyft Pink

    Lyft Pink is a monthly and annual* membership available to select riders. This membership gives you 15% off rides, as well as other perks. To access all your Lyft Pink perks, make sure you're on the latest version of the Lyft app.
    * Annual memberships are available in some areas, for a limited time.
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    Lyft Pink Perks

    15% off rides
    You'll get 15% off rides in the US – from Shared to Lux and everything in between.
    Lyft Pink is only available for personal rides and doesn't apply to business profile rides.
    Free Grubhub+ or Seamless+ membership
    Lyft Pink members receive access to free delivery from local restaurants and other benefits through a free Grubhub+ or Seamless+ membership.
    Your Lyft Pink membership can only be linked to one account. You won’t be able to activate both Grubhub+ and Seamless+ at the same time.
    To activate your free membership and learn more about the other benefits of a Grubhub+ or Seamless+ membership, visit our partnership pages: or
    Note: All purchases in the Grubhub platform are subject to Grubhub service fees, minimum order fee for free delivery, and other applicable terms:
    SIXT car rental upgrades perk
    When you rent a car through SIXT via the Lyft app or website, you get a free upgrade to a higher class rental car. If available, you can select your free upgrade through the app up to 30 minutes before pickup.
    These upgrades are only available through SIXT rental services. These upgrades are based on rider eligibility and availability on the day of pickup.
    For questions about rider eligibility, reach out to, or click here to see SIXT rental locations. To start your rental reservation, tap the ‘key’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Lyft app, or visit
    Cancellation Fee protection
    If you cancel and rebook a ride within 15 minutes, we'll credit you the cancellation fee up to 3 times per month.
    Your rebooked ride must be completed (not canceled) to receive the credit. You'll still be charged the cancellation fee, but will see the cancellation credit in your account once your rebooked ride ends.
    This does not apply to no-show fees. Lyft Pink users are also exempted from repeat cancel fees.
    Bike & Scooters perk 
    For a limited time, Lyft Pink riders get 3 free 30-minute classic bike or scooter rides or 3 free ebike unlocks per month in certain markets. They'll also get a discounted per-minute rate for ebike rides: $.10/min in New York City and $.15/min in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rides must be booked using the Lyft app.
    • Bike perks are available in:
      • Washington DC Metro Area (via Capital Bikeshare)
      • New York Metro Area
      • San Francisco Bay Area (via Bay Wheels)
    • Scooter perks are available in:
      • Denver, CO
      • Los Angeles, CA
      • Miami, FL (temporarily paused)
      • Minneapolis, MN
      • San Diego, CA
      • Washington DC
    Special member offers
    We'll occasionally surprise Lyft Pink riders with limited time offers. These may include seasonal discounts, premium mode discounts (e.g. Lux or XL), or partnership offers.
    Priority dispatch at airports 
    When it's busy at applicable airports, we'll match you with a closer driver. This perk only applies to standard Lyft rides and does not apply to airports where Fast Match is available such as LAX, LGA, MDW, MSY, PDX, and SAN. Lyft cannot guarantee a faster pick up.
    Lost & Found fee protection
    Lyft will automatically waive the lost item fee after you report a lost item. This perk has unlimited uses.

    How to join

    The monthly Lyft Pink plan is available to US riders. The annual plan is available to select US riders in some areas for a limited time.
    To join, go to the ‘Lyft Pink’ tab in your Lyft app and tap ‘Join.’
    The following payment methods are not eligible for a Lyft Pink subscription:
    • Prepaid cards (including gift cards)
    • Commuter benefit cards
    • Digital wallets:
      • Apple Pay
      • Google Pay
      • Venmo
      • PayPal
    If you have a Chase credit card, learn about how to get 12 months of free Lyft Pink with Chase Credit Card Rewards.
    Your plan will auto-renew each month or year until cancelled, depending on your plan type. We'll charge the default payment method in your Lyft app.
    Canceling and pausing
    You can cancel or pause your Lyft Pink membership directly through your Lyft app.
    Go to ‘Settings’, tap ‘Lyft Pink’, and tap 'Cancel' or ‘Pause.’
    Whenever you pause your membership, you will select a future date for your membership to un-pause. You can pause one time per billing cycle (max of 12 weeks paused). Pausing will change your billing cycle, so if you pause your membership for 10 days, it would push your billing date back by 10 days.
    If you don’t use your membership, you can get a full refund. If you qualified for a free membership of Lyft Pink through our Chase credit card rewards, you are not able to pause your membership.


    • Lyft Pink does not cover tips or post-ride charges. Any tips you add will be charged directly to your payment method in the app
    • If your payment method is declined, your membership will automatically be canceled. You can update your payment method in the app to continue your Lyft Pink membership.
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