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Premium ride types for drivers

Note: Preferred and Lux rides will no longer be available after October 18, 2023. Learn more.
Qualifying drivers with high-end vehicles can earn more with our premium ride types:
  1. XL: Rides for up to 6 passengers in vehicles with at least 7 seatbelts.
  2. Extra Comfort: Rides in newer, roomier vehicles with experienced drivers.
  3. Black: Premium black car service with black exterior, leather interior, and four seats, with top-rated experienced drivers.
  4. Black SUV: Premium SUV service with black exterior, leather interior, and space for up to six passengers, with top-rated experienced drivers.
Premium ride types are available in select cities. Visit our Cities page to see what ride types are available in your region.
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How to get premium ride requests
Your qualifying vehicle must be set as your active vehicle to start receiving premium ride requests.
To set your active vehicle and view your ride type preferences:
  1. Tap ‘Vehicle and Devices.’
  2. Tap ‘Your Vehicles.’
You’ll be able to see details for each vehicle such as:
  1. Available ride types.
  2. Eligibility details for all ride types.
  3. Locked ride types that have  additional requirements.
If you choose not to drive standard Lyft rides, it may reduce the number of requests you receive.
You might still see standard ride requests in your app. Skipping these standard ride requests won’t affect your acceptance rate.
You’ll only get requests for ride types that are available in your region. Visit our Cities page to check which types are available.
XL ride qualifications
To qualify for XL rides, you must have a vehicle with at least 7 seat belts.
Extra Comfort ride qualifications
Below is the list of eligible vehicles as of April 2024.
To be eligible to receive Extra Comfort ride requests, drivers need to meet the following criteria:
  1. Drive an eligible vehicle
  2. Completed at least 20 trips.
  3. Maintain a minimum rating of 4.85.
  4. No more than 1 safety flag in the past 20 rides.
  5. No more than 2 cleanliness flags in the past 20 rides.
Black and Black SUV ride qualifications
Drivers must have at least a 4.85 rating after they’ve completed 50 rides to give Black rides.
If your rating falls below 4.85, you'll need to bring it back up with other ride types before you can get Black rides.
To qualify for Black or Black SUV rides, you must:
  1. Drive a black, 2018 or newer qualifying vehicle (some restrictions apply, see list for more info)
Note: Drivers using Lyft Black in Boston, Atlanta, Orlando, and Chicago must be professional drivers with commercial auto insurance and have all permits required by their city to operate a commercial livery vehicle in their area. Personal auto insurance does not qualify.
Qualifying vehicles
See the list of eligible vehicles for Extra Comfort, Black, and Black SUV rides.
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