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How to call your passengers

The Lyft app is set up so that you can call passengers in certain situations, like returning an item or letting them know you've arrived.
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Making a call
To call a passenger in the app, tap the ‘phone’ icon from the ride screen.
You’ll be asked to either make a call or send a message to your passenger. You can choose a pre-selected message or type a custom message. To type your own message, the vehicle must be stopped or parked.
You can also call your passenger through the app to arrange the return of a lost item.
How calling through the app works
User privacy
To ensure your privacy, passengers won't see your actual phone number when calling. We use a third-party service to hide phone numbers in the app. This includes hiding passengers’ personal info as well.
Service issues
To avoid dropped calls, make sure to:
  1. Call from a registered device/phone number through your Lyft account
  2. Turn on caller ID from your device
Some wireless networks don’t allow devices to use apps and make calls at the same time. If this happens to you, reopen the Lyft app after the call.
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