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Toll info for riders

Riders are responsible for the cost of required tolls. All applicable toll charges are included in your upfront price before you request a ride. You can also see tolls in your total ride payment after your ride.
You should never use cash to pay for a toll while you’re in a ride. It's against our Terms of Service for riders to use cash except for tips, which you can also leave in the app.
Tolls are priced based on the local electronic toll collection system. Visit your city’s page to see additional toll charges or fees. These fees may be retained by your driver, Lyft, or other third parties.
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Return toll charges
If your driver has to pay a return toll to get home after your ride is over, that toll may be added to your upfront price. This makes sure your driver is fairly compensated for their time and effort.
US regional surcharges
Connecticut and New York City
There’s a $15 surcharge if your ride starts in Connecticut and ends in New York City.
New Jersey and New York City
Any ride between New York City and New Jersey has a $20 surcharge, which includes all tolls.
You'll pay an extra $19 if your ride:
  1. Begins in New Jersey
  2. Crosses Staten Island
  3. Crosses the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge going east
If your ride follows this route then your total surcharge will be $39.
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