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Lost & found for drivers

If a rider leaves something in your vehicle, they can use the app to call within 24 hours of the ride or have Lyft text you within 72 hours.
If a rider calls looking for a lost item, the call will use a third-party app so both your phone numbers will be hidden. If Lyft texts you because a rider has reached out to us, contact the rider using the phone number we provide.
Note: Lost item drop-offs are no longer accepted at Lyft Hubs. If you know who the item belongs to, but are unable to meet with them in person, select 'Contact Support' below to arrange a return by mail.
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Return a lost item
Feel free to make arrangements to meet the rider with the lost item. If you're unable to meet in person, select 'Contact Support' below to let us know. We'll make arrangements for you to ship the item free of charge.
If the rider hasn't contacted you yet, send us a message by tapping 'Contact Support' below. Include the following:
  1. Item description
  2. Rider's name
  3. Pickup and dropoff locations
  4. Time and date of ride
  5. Permission to give the rider your phone number
Lost & found fee
We value your time and effort, so drivers will be paid $20 when they return a lost item to a passenger in-person or by mail.
How to confirm you’ve returned a lost item:
  1. Go to your Ride History
  2. Look for a ride marked 'Lost Item'
  3. Select the ride, then scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Help’
  4. Tap ‘I returned an item to a passenger’ and give us a few more details
We’ll include lost-and-found fees in your next weekly deposit.
What if I don’t see a ride marked “Lost Item?”
Rides with ‘Lost Item’ next to them mean a passenger called or texted you to return their belongings for that ride.
If you found an item in your car or don’t see a ride marked with ‘Lost Item’ that should be, let us know by tapping ‘Contact Support’ below and we’ll investigate.
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