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Lyft Pink referral program

Lyft Pink referrals is currently unavailable. Check back for updates later this year.
Lyft Pink Members can send five friends a one-month-free trial of Lyft Pink and receive a bonus of $20 in Lyft Cash for each referred friend who signs up and renews.
Limitations apply. Find out more on the 'Rewards' tab in your Lyft app menu.
To get your Lyft Cash referral bonus, your friend(s) must meet all the following requirements:
  1. Be new Lyft Pink members (have never signed up before).
  2. Use the entire free month of the Lyft Pink membership you sent them.
  3. Signs up and renews their subscription at the end of their free month.
Note: You can only receive a maximum of $100 in Lyft Cash under this promotion.
If you receive your Lyft Pink Membership through a corporate membership, you’re not eligible for this promotion.
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Gifting Lyft Pink
You can send one free month of Lyft Pink to up to five friends. To send a free month of Lyft Pink in the Lyft app:
  1. Open the Lyft app
  2. Tap ‘Refer a friend’ in the app menu
  3. Copy your Lyft Pink invite code
  4. Share your code with friends new to Lyft Pink
One month after your friend renews their paid-for membership, you’ll receive an email letting you know your Lyft Cash is on its way. When renewing their membership, friends can choose an annual or monthly Lyft Pink membership.
If a friend doesn’t claim their free month of Lyft Pink before expiration, it won’t count towards your five Lyft Pink passes.
Receiving free Lyft Pink
To redeem your free month of Lyft Pink, open the link sent by your friend. You’ll be redirected to the Lyft Pink sign-up page.
You must be a first-time Lyft Pink member and live in the US in order to redeem your invite code.
If your Lyft Pink invite code doesn’t work, it may have already been used the maximum number of times.
At the end of your free month, your Lyft Pink membership will auto-renew to the $19.99/month plan. You’ll continue with your monthly membership unless you decide to upgrade to an annual membership.
If you joined Lyft Pink through this one-month free trial, you’re not eligible to refer friends for Lyft Cash.
Be sure to have the latest Lyft app update in order to claim your free month of Lyft Pink.
Canceling your Lyft Pink membership
You can cancel your Lyft Pink membership at any time in the Lyft app. To cancel your membership:
  1. Open your Lyft app
  2. Tap ‘Lyft Pink’ in the menu
  3. Tap ‘Manage plan’
  4. Tap ‘Cancel’ or ‘Pause’
Your free month of Lyft Pink can’t be paused. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of Lyft Pink until the end of your free-month if you cancel before the month is over. However, your friend won’t get their referral bonus if you cancel.

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