Lyft Pink

 Lyft Pink is a monthly membership available to select riders that gives you 15% off rides as well as other perks.

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Lyft Pink Perks

15% savings on every ride

You'll get 15% off unlimited rides and can use Lyft Pink on all car ride modes in the US.

Bike & Scooters Perk 

For a limited time, Lyft Pink riders get 3 free 30 minute bike or scooter rides per month in certain markets. Rides must be booked using the Lyft app.

Bike perks are available in:

Washington DC Metro Area (via Capital Bikeshare)

New York Metro Area

San Francisco Bay Area (via Bay Wheels) 

Scooter perks are available in: 

Austin, TX | Denver, CO | Los Angeles, CA | Miami, FL | Minneapolis, MN | Oakland, CA | San Diego, CA | San Jose, CA | Washington, DC

Lost & Found fee protection

Lyft will automatically waive the lost item fee after you report a lost item. This perk has unlimited uses.

Priority dispatch at airports 

When it's busy at applicable airports, we'll match you with a closer driver. This perk only applies for standard Lyft rides and does not apply to airports where Fast Match is available such as LAX, LGA, MDW, MSY, PDX, and SAN. Lyft cannot guarantee a faster pickup.

Cancellation Fee protection

If you cancel and rebook a ride within 15 minutes, we'll credit you the cancellation fee up to 3 times per month.  You’ll still be charged a cancellation fee, and you’ll see the credit in your account after you finish your rebooked ride and rate the driver. Your driver will still receive payment for the fee.

Special member offers

We'll occasionally surprise Lyft Pink riders with limited time offers. These may include seasonal discounts, premium mode discounts (e.g. Lux or XL), or partnership offers.

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How to join

Lyft Pink costs $19.99/month (plus tax where required), and is currently only available to select US riders.

To join, go to the ‘Lyft Pink’ tab in your Lyft app and tap ‘Join.’

If you don’t see a ‘Lyft Pink’ tab, you are not eligible just yet. You can join the waitlist at www.lyft.com/pink for a chance to be granted early access.

You can also check out our Chase Credit Card Rewards to learn how to get a year of Lyft Pink free with your Chase credit card.

As a heads up, passengers with a Ride Pass are not currently eligible for Lyft Pink. If you currently have a Ride Pass and see the Lyft Pink tab in your app, you will be eligible for Lyft Pink once your Ride Pass subscription has ended.

Your plan will automatically renew each month and your default payment method will be charged.

Cancelling and pausing

You can cancel or pause your Lyft Pink membership directly through your Lyft app.

Go to ‘Settings’, tap ‘Lyft Pink’, and tap 'Cancel' or ‘Pause.’

Whenever you pause your membership, you will select a future date for your membership to un-pause. You can pause one time per billing cycle (max of 12 weeks paused). Pausing will change your billing cycle, so if you paused your membership for 10 days, it would push your billing date back by 10 days.

If you don’t use your membership, you can get a full refund. 

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  • Lyft Pink does not cover tips or post-ride charges. Any tips you add will be charged directly to your payment method in the app
  • If your payment method is declined, your membership will automatically be cancelled. You can update your payment method in the app to continue your Lyft Pink membership.

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