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Receiving FIFO Pickup Requests

In order to receive First in First Out (FIFO) pickup requests, you will need to follow the guidelines below.

Find specific rules for your local airport, and whether or not FIFO queueing is used there, in this list.

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How it Works

  • Wait in the designated staging area. Drivers within the designated staging area are automatically added to the queue.
  • The queue is first in-first out. The driver who has been waiting within the staging area in driver mode the longest gets the next request. Your physical location within the staging area does not affect your spot in the queue, but if you exit the staging area or log out of driver mode, you will lose your spot.
  • If the staging area is full, you must leave the airport. You may not wait for requests anywhere else on airport property or use any other parking lots while in driver mode.
  • Passenger cancellations don't affect your place in line. If your passenger cancels on you, head back to the staging area. As long as you're back within 15 minutes, you'll be placed at the front of the queue.
  • Driver cancellations and missed requests do affect your place in line. If you are the one to cancel a request, or if you miss a request, you're placed at the back of the queue.

Note: while in the queue, you may still occasionally receive ride requests from outside the airport.

View Your Place in Line

Once you’re in the designated staging area, you’ll see how many drivers are ahead of you towards the top of the app. If the staging area is full, you will not be added to the FIFO queue and you’ll need to leave the staging area immediately. 


Note: If you’re outside the staging area, you won't be added to the queue. To keep it fair for all drivers, you'll lose your spot if you log out, leave the staging area, or deny a request.

FIFO Pre-dispatch

At select airports, FIFO pre-dispatch speeds up the process of getting an airport ride and lowers ETAs for passengers.

While waiting for requests at the select airport staging areas (more info below), you will receive an SMS and in-app note directing you to head toward the terminal. While you're on your way, you will receive a ride request. You will not lose your position in the queue. If you do not receive a ride request, head back to the staging area. As long as you're back within 15 minutes, you'll be placed at the front of the queue.

FIFO Pre-dispatch


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