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    Amp is Lyft's front emblem for eligible drivers to enhance your ride experience and energize the Lyft community. To see if your region is eligible for Amp, check the 'Amp' tab in the Lyft Driver app.
    Note: Amp is currently out of stock for all drivers. We will let you know when it's available again.
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    About Amp

    Amp sends a message to greet riders when you pick them up, but you won't be able to change what these messages say. This helps keep rides smooth and safe.
    Amp will also display "New Ride" when you receive a ride request.
    Heads up: many province and local regulations require you to display both your front and back emblems when you’re in driver mode. Learn more about province and city regulations.
    New Ride feature
    "New Ride" will flash on the back of your Amp when you receive a new ride request. This only happens on fresh ride requests, not during Shared rides.
    Beaconing feature
    Passengers will be alerted of a unique Amp colour that will be projected when you are picking them up. This feature helps you stand out in the crowded streets. The current colours are green, orange, yellow, purple, white, and grey.
    Welcome feature
    After your ride begins, the back of your Amp will welcome the passenger by name. Occasionally, this message is followed by other special messages that are themed around events and holidays.
    ETA feature
    A clock animation and ETA will play on non-shared rides to inform your passenger the estimated time to their destination.
    Shared Ride features
    The Amp will visually announce who is getting picked up or dropped off next.

    Amp eligibility

    Amp is currently out of stock for all drivers. We will let you know when it's available again.

    Pairing your Amp

    If you're pairing with Lyft Driver app:
    1. Open Lyft Driver
    2. Tap your profile photo in the top left
    3. Turn on your Amp
    4. Tap 'Amp' in the app.
    5. Tap 'Pair my Amp.' Scroll down to see the pair option.
    That's it!

    How to turn on and off

    Quickly tap the power button once to turn Amp on or off. Holding down the power button resets the Amp.
    Holding down the power button for 10 seconds triggers a hard reset for your Amp. Try a hard reset if you're having persistent pairing issues.

    How to install

    Clean a spot on your dash, remove the sticker from your magnetic base, and place the base with the Lyft logo facing the hood of your car; press firmly.
    Place your Amp on the base, turn on your Amp and pair it with your phone. You will keep the base on your dash, but can easily remove and store your Amp when not in use.
    The adhesive on the base has been carefully designed to not damage your dashboard.

    About battery life

    Amp’s battery lasts up to 8 hours and can charge in your car with any standard USB charging cable (included). We recommend keeping your Amp plugged in at all times while giving rides.
    Note: The battery life of your Amp may be affected by extreme temperatures (such as high heat). When the weather gets hot, try turning up the air conditioning and plugging in your Amp to save the battery from overheating.

    Pro tips & troubleshooting

    1. The majority of all issues can be resolved by fully charging your Amp. If the Amp doesn’t seem to hold a charge, try using a different cable.
    2. If your Amp is acting up, hold the back button down for 10 seconds to restart it. Your Amp will automatically re-pair.
    3. On the Lyft Driver app, the ‘Amp’ tab stores all information about your Amp, including how it works, installation, and many troubleshooting tips.
    Need more help? You can tap 'Call Me' to speak directly with our driver support team.

    Express Drive

    All rental cars come fully equipped with an Amp on day 1. We ask that you please take care of these Amps and, as stated in your rental agreement, return the Amp with your Express Drive vehicle to avoid a potential fee.
    If you didn’t receive an Amp with your rental vehicle, contact your rental location to receive one.
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