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How to become a Lyft Plus driver

Passengers cannot request a specific driver or car, but they can use Lyft Plus to be guaranteed a larger vehicle.

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Become a Lyft Plus driver

If you have a car that fits at least six passengers, then this is the program for you. Lyft Plus rides are just like regular rides, but with more passengers and more pay.

Keep in mind that you are only approved to drive one vehicle on the platform. If your bigger car is not the one on your profile, follow these steps to switch your car.

New drivers with vehicles that qualify will be opted into Lyft Plus automatically. If you have a larger vehicle (with at least seven seat belts total), and haven't been receiving Lyft Plus requests, send us a message by selecting 'Contact Support' below to ensure that you've been opted in.

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Plus driver pay

Passengers pay a higher rate for Plus rides, so you'll receive that higher rate. Lyft Plus rates vary by region, so check the rates for your area on the Cities page.

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Plus ride requests

Plus requests look the same as regular requests.

Any passenger can request a Lyft Plus ride, regardless of the size of their group. Be ready to fill all of those seats, though! And, as always, you should never drive a group of passengers whose group exceeds the number of seat belts in your car.

It is not possible to receive only Plus rides. In order to keep you busy, we'll still dispatch regular requests to you, but only if there aren't also Plus requests being made.

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