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    Safety info for drivers

    Safety is a key component of the Lyft experience. As a driver, it's important to follow traffic laws as well as the guidelines below to provide safe, dependable rides on the Lyft platform.
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    Accidents, citations, and emergency situations

    If you experience an accident (this means an issue that threatens your personal safety) or receive a citation, take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and get to a safe place as needed.​ Then tap ‘Call Me’ below to get connected with our critical response team. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​
    Lyft should not be used as a substitute for​​ ​emergency transportation.​ ​If you experience an emergency situation, dial 911 or​​ ​your local non-emergency assistance line if appropriate. If you encounter a passenger with an emergency situation, they should contact 911.​ ​​After that, contact our critical response line so we can take appropriate action.
    To make sure your driver rating isn’t affected by an emergency situation, please contact us so we can take appropriate action.
    If a passenger causes damage to your vehicle for any reason, contact us so they can be charged a damage fee depending on the extent of the damage.

    Safety 101

    Watch our Safety 101 video for a quick overview on staying safe, both as a driver and for your passengers.

    Two-way ratings

    After every ride, drivers and passengers rate each other. If you rate a passenger 3 stars or below you'll never be matched again.

    Lyft insurance

    Our 2M liability policy will apply as primary to your personal auto insurance when matched with a passenger. If you're carrying a TNC endorsed policy or a commercial policy, our insurance is excess. Get the details on our Insurance Policy.

    Driver safety guidelines

    Cash tips OK
    Lyft is no longer a strictly cashless platform. Passengers can use cash or use the app to give tips. 100% of tips go to drivers.
    Even though cash tips are OK, if a passenger causes damage to your car, don't ask for or accept cash. See How to report damage caused by passengers so that our team can take care of charging the passenger and getting you compensated.
    Only drive using your driver profile
    Your profile photo should match what you currently look like so passengers can identify you. Recently shave your head, or dye your hair pink to match our 'stache? Send us a message with a new driver photo attached by tapping 'Contact Support' below.
    Drive only your approved car(s)
    You are only approved to give rides in the vehicle(s) on your profile.
    If you're switching your vehicle, make sure the photo on your app matches the new vehicle before giving rides. See the instructions for switching your vehicle.
    Don't bring your friends or family along when you drive
    Lyft passengers expect to get an awesome, background-checked and vetted driver. Please refrain from having your friends join you while driving on the Lyft platform.
    Try using a phone mount to help you navigate around the city
    We recommend using a phone mount while in driver mode. You can purchase one from a store such as Best Buy, or online from websites like or
    Display your Lyft emblem
    The pink Lyft emblem is sent in your Welcome Kit and should be displayed in your windshield. Don't have one? Let us know by tapping 'Contact Support' below.
    Obey all traffic laws
    Focus on your driving, keep your eyes on the road and always be fully aware of your surroundings.
    Signal when changing lanes, yield to oncoming traffic, follow speed limits, and don't make illegal turns. Always come to a complete stop at stop signs, follow traffic signals, be courteous to other drivers on the road, and watch out for and yield to pedestrians and cyclists. Basically, drive like you're driving your own child!
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