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    Acceptance rate

    Your acceptance rate is the percent of ride requests you accept. We use acceptance rates to determine driver eligibility for certain incentives and help keep passenger wait times short.
    When giving Lyft rides, you have the right to accept or ignore any ride request. You're always free to decline ride requests you don't want, but declined requests will still count toward your total ride requests when we calculate your acceptance rate.
    If your acceptance rate is 90% or higher, you'll see the direction of the destination and how long the ride will take for each ride request.
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    How your rate is calculated

    Specifically, your acceptance rate is the number of unique ride requests you’ve accepted and completed, either by successfully dropping off passengers or marking passengers as 'no show.' Rider cancellations don't count against your acceptance rate.
    As shown above, we combine your completed rides with 'no-show' rides. Then, we take that total and divide it by the total number of ride requests to calculate your acceptance rate.
    Heads up: Acceptance rates are calculated weekly and reset Mondays at 5 AM.

    Shared rides and your rate

    Each pickup (including passengers bringing a friend) in Shared rides counts as one ride.
    Rides cancelled because of an incorrect number of passengers (like when a passenger shows up with more friends than indicated in the app) are considered 'no show.'
    Like any ride request, you can choose to accept or ignore Shared ride requests. If you prefer not to give a Shared ride, let the request expire and wait for a non-Shared request. Please note that declined Shared ride requests are still counted in your total ride requests when your acceptance rate is calculated.
    If you cancel a Shared ride that has multiple passengers on the route, it counts as one cancel per passenger. For example, if the ride has two pickups and you cancel the ride after accepting the request, it counts as two ride cancellations.

    Lowered acceptance rates

    If a request counts down to zero before you accept it, your acceptance rate may decrease.
    If you can’t or don’t want to accept ride requests, we recommend taking a break. Breaks are fine and good for your health!
    Your acceptance rate may decrease due to:
    • Missed requests: Lyft tracks when you miss requests due to technical issues like poor network connectivity, so these missed requests won't count against your acceptance rate. Read Phone and connectivity issues to learn how to prevent technical and connectivity issues.
      • Heads up: Intentionally toggling Airplane mode or force-quitting the app to avoid requests can impact your acceptance rate
    • Driver cancellations: Requests that you cancel count against your acceptance rate. Learn more at Cancellation and no-show policy for drivers.
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    Sample acceptance rate math

    Say you complete 50 rides one week, you miss 2 requests, and you cancel 1 ride. Your acceptance rate for the week would come to 94% (that's 50 completed rides out of a total 53 requests).

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