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The beauty of a community is that it only works if every single member is an active participant. After all: You are the proof that it’s entirely possible for strangers from all backgrounds, neighbourhoods, and walks of life to simply get along — even if it’s just for a 5-minute ride. That’s why Lyft encourages a high standard of conduct for both riders and drivers in order to help ensure a safe and welcoming experience for everyone.

These four thoughts should act as guideposts to not just a considerate, polite experience for everyone — but also an enjoyable one — inside or outside of that car.

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Be nice

Millions of unique people come together every single day on Lyft. By riding, you not only support an inclusive community, but you also agree to being kind and civil to those around you.

It seems obvious, but all of us are just trying to get somewhere. Let’s be considerate of one another and the space we’re sharing.

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Be respectful

Consent is king (and queen). While countless connections are made in Lyft rides daily, it’s important to remember to respect other people’s space and privacy. Being respectful also includes absolutely no bullying and no discrimination. (But you knew that.)

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Be safe

Local traffic and driving laws should always be followed — this means not asking your driver to make that illegal 16-point U-turn in that intersection, not parking in those prohibited zones, and bringing a child seat with you if you need one.

Oh, and: Buckle up. (Please.)

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Be helpful

Like most things in life, being communicative can avoid a lot of misunderstandings. A simple call or text can lead to a more successful, smoother pick-up in busy, confusing, or congested areas.

Go on, say hi.

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