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    Driving with Lyft Map

    When you’re driving to pick up and drop off your passenger with Lyft Map, you’ll see a bigger, cleaner map. The app detects when your vehicle is in motion and changes to a simpler map to help you stay focused on the road.
    This image shows a map of a driver picking up or dropping off a passenger.
    During a ride, you can still access important actions and information by swiping up on the bottom panel.
    This image shows how to access important actions using the 'more' menu in the bottom panel of the driver app.
    Once you open the menu, you can get emergency help, even if you’re driving.
    If you're done giving rides, tap 'Ride requests on' to stop getting ride requests. If you change your mind, tap 'Ride requests off' to turn them back on again.
    When you bring your vehicle to a stop, the app will reveal more features.
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