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How to estimate the cost of a Lyft ride

Our goal is to connect you with best-in-class service at an affordable price when and where you need it.
To achieve this goal, Lyft shows you fare estimates before you request a ride, so you know what to expect to pay.
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Understanding ride pricing
Knowing how Lyft rides are calculated can help you better understand your ride cost.
Lyft ride pricing it’s made up of three parts:
  1. Lyft fare
  2. Local tolls or fees
  3. Tips to your driver
We take these factors into account when you receive a fare estimate:
  1. Ride route
  2. Ride type
  3. Ride availability
  4. Demand
How fare estimates work
When entering the pickup and drop-off locations, you’ll see an estimate of what your ride will cost.
Your final ride charge can look different from the estimated cost any time you:
  1. Add a stop to your route
  2. Change the destination
  3. Delay requesting the ride (I.e. several hours pass before you request the ride)
Fare estimates also don’t reflect any discounts or traffic delays.
You may see temporary authorizations on your card or bank statement any time you make changes to your ride. Learn more about how payment authorizations work.
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