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Lyft Assisted rides for drivers

Lyft Assisted rides give drivers an opportunity to earn more while supporting our community.
You can help riders who want light assistance get from their pick-up door to their destination door.
You’ll get a bonus for each Assisted ride you complete.
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Sign up for Assisted rides
You’ll have to complete a special tutorial to start giving Assisted rides. This tutorial was developed by Lyft’s partner, the Open Doors Organization (ODO). To take the tutorial:
  1. Tap on your earnings at the top of the home screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap 'Earn more with Lyft Assisted rides.’
  3. Complete the tutorial by the ODO.
  4. Check the box and tap ‘Give Lyft Assisted rides’ to opt in.
Once you take the course and opt in, you’ll get Assisted ride requests when they’re available.
Giving Assisted rides
Assisted ride request will be labelled ‘Lyft Assisted’ in your app. You’ll also see the bonus amount you’ll get for the ride.
When you arrive to pick up your passenger, be sure to:
  1. Park.
  2. Walk to the door to meet them.
  3. Ask how you may assist them.
Assistance may include:
  1. Providing an arm, elbow, or hand for assisting with stability.
  2. Opening and closing doors.
  3. Storing small personal belongings.
When you drop them off, you should again ask the passenger how you may assist them to ensure they get to the front door at their destination.
After you’ve completed the ride, any Assisted ride bonus will be added to your earnings for that ride.
Cancellations and no-shows
To get a no-show fee for an Assisted ride, you must:
To get a no-show fee for an Assisted ride, you must:
  1. Swipe up on the bottom panel and tap ‘I’m here,’ then confirm you’re parked.
  2. Wait at least seven minutes without moving from the pickup location.
  3. Contact the passenger or respond to the passenger contacting you.
  4. Cancel the ride by tapping the ‘X’ and then tap ‘Confirm no-show.’
If the ride is cancelled on the passenger’s end, you’ll get a fee based on the normal passenger cancellation policy.
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