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Getting paid

Every Tuesday, we’ll automatically transfer the previous week’s earnings to your bank account. You can get paid sooner with Express Pay or Lyft Direct.
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Weekly payouts
Weekly payouts are the default way to get your earnings. We’ll transfer earnings to your bank account without you having to do anything.
Your weekly transfer starts automatically every Tuesday morning. Once your transfer starts, you won’t be able to cash out last week’s earnings using Express Pay.
Note: Most drivers see the deposit in their bank account by Friday at the latest. How long your transfer takes depends on your bank’s processing time.
Your weekly payout includes your driver earnings from the previous Lyft week. The Lyft week runs from Monday at 5 AM to the following Monday at 4:59 AM.
Setting up payouts
You have to add your bank and tax info in the app before we can transfer your earnings to you. You can only transfer earnings into a checking account.
To set up weekly payouts:
  1. Open the Lyft Driver app main menu, then tap 'Account.'
  2. Tap 'Pay and Tax Info.'
  3. Tap ‘Set up weekly payouts,’ then fill out the required fields.
  4. Tap 'Save.'
Once you’ve set up your bank and tax info, we’ll start initiating your weekly payouts every Tuesday.
Express Pay
Express Pay lets you quickly cash out your earnings to a debit card. In most cases, you’ll see the transfer in your bank account within a few hours. There’s a $0.85 fee for each Express Pay transfer.
You can cash out your earnings up to five times per day. Your bank may further limit how many times per day your debit card can receive an Express Pay transfer.
New York drivers only
You only need $5 in earnings to cash out with Express Pay.
You can only cash out once per day.
Setting up Express Pay
To set up Express Pay:
  1. Open the Lyft Driver app main menu, then tap ‘Account.’
  2. Tap ‘Pay and Tax Info,’ then tap ‘Set up Express Pay.’
  3. Enter your debit card number.
  4. Wait for your verification text message.
  5. Follow the text’s instructions to confirm your changes.
Whenever there’s a change to your Express Pay card, we review the update to protect your earnings. Once the review process begins, support agents can’t reverse it.
You can cash out your earnings 48 hours after adding your new card.
Express Pay for Express Drive
You can unlock Express Pay by earning enough to cover your estimated Express Drive rental costs for the week. After that, you can use Express Pay to cash out any additional earnings.
Express Drive deductions for Washington drivers
Note: If you rent a vehicle through Express Drive, you’ll be subject to a $0.17 per mile deduction (or $0.44 per mile for City of Seattle rides) for any Lyft rides given using the rented vehicle. The deduction may reduce your earnings below the minimum compensation requirements set forth under Washington law.
Lyft Direct
Lyft Direct is a debit card and bank account designed for Lyft drivers, and gives you access to:
  1. Instant payouts: Get paid instantly after every ride with no transfer fee.
  2. Mobile banking: Make deposits, pay bills, transfer funds, and more.
  3. Cashback rewards: Earn cashback rewards on gas when you at the pump and public EV charging, select restaurants, and grocery stores.
Lyft Direct transfers your earnings at no extra cost. Express Drive renters will receive instant payouts once their weekly rental fees are covered.
We work with a company called Payfare to provide Lyft Direct. You’ll need to complete an application to get a Lyft Direct debit card and bank account.
Setting up Lyft Direct instant payouts
Once you’ve been approved for the Lyft Direct card, you can set up instant payouts immediately.
To turn instant payouts on or off:
  1. Open the Lyft Driver app main menu, then tap ‘Account.’
  2. Tap ‘Pay and Tax Info.’
  3. Tap ‘Lyft Direct.’
  4. Turn on or off.
If you don’t have a Lyft Direct account yet, applying is quick and easy. Tap the link below to get started.
To apply for a Lyft Direct account:
  1. Open the Lyft Driver app main menu, then tap ‘Account’.
  2. Tap ‘Pay and tax info.’
  3. Tap ‘Set up Lyft Direct.’

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