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    Cancellation policy for passengers

    If you no longer need your scheduled or requested ride, feel free to cancel it. You may be charged a cancellation fee in certain conditions.
    To cancel a ride in the Lyft app:
    1. Tap ‘Edit ride’ in the bottom left corner of the ride screen
    2. Tap ‘Cancel ride’
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    Health Safety cancellations

    In our effort to help protect riders and drivers, we require all users to agree to our Health Safety Commitment to continue using Lyft. You can learn more about the health safety commitment here.
    As a part of this commitment, everyone in the ride must wear a face covering and leave the front passenger seat of the vehicle empty.
    If your driver arrives at your pickup location and they aren’t wearing a face covering, you can cancel the ride. If you or passengers riding with you aren’t wearing face coverings, your driver can cancel the ride. This also applies if you don’t keep the front passenger seat empty.

    Cancellation Fee

    You're subject to a cancellation fee if one of the following occurs:
    • The cancellation window has passed after a driver accepts your ride request
    • Your driver is on time to arrive within 5 minutes of the original estimated arrival time
    These fees are used to compensate your driver for their time and gas. The Cancellation Fee is listed on your ride receipt for the canceled ride.
    You'll be charged a $2 fee if you cancel three or more rides (of any type) in a 15-minute timeframe. This applies even if you’re canceling those rides within their individual cancellation windows.
    For Lyft Shared rides, we may charge a Cancellation Fee after a driver accepts the request. Learn more about Lyft Shared rides here.

    No-Show Fee

    You're subject to a No-Show Fee if the following occurs:
    1. Your driver arrived to pick you up
    2. Your driver waited the allotted time or longer
    3. Your driver attempted to contact you, or you contacted your driver
    These fees are used to compensate your driver for their time and gas. The No-Show Fee is listed on your ride receipt for the ride in question.
    For Lyft Shared rides, a No-Show Fee may apply if you aren't at the pickup location within one minute of your driver’s arrival. Learn more about Lyft Shared rides here.

    How to review a fee

    If you think you were wrongly charged a Cancellation Fee or No-Show Fee, we’re happy to help.
    Disputing the charge in your app will automatically review it. Here’s how:
    1. Tap the ‘Ride history’ tab from the Lyft app menu
    2. Tap the ride that you need help with
    3. Tap ‘Get help’ at the bottom of the screen
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