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Reporting damage caused by passengers

If a passenger causes substantial damage to your vehicle that requires cleaning or repairs, we’re here to help.
You have up to 12 hours after the incident to submit a report. We'll begin processing your damage report once you provide all the requirements listed below.
Passengers pay for any damage fees. These fees go directly to you for cleaning or repairing your vehicle.
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Reporting damage
Reporting damage      
To submit a damage report, you can either tap ‘Contact us’ below, or:
  1. Open the Lyft Driver app, then open the main menu.
  2. Tap ‘Support and Safety,’ then tap ‘Get Help.’
  3. Under the ‘Report a safety issue’ header, tap ‘ Accident, damage, or unsafe ride.’
  4. Tap ‘Report damage,’ then tap ‘Contact us.’
Note: Be sure to submit a report within 12 hours of the incident.
What to include
Be sure to submit a report within 12 hours of the incident.
When submitting a report, include the following:
  1. Passenger or ride information.
  2. Date and time of incident.
  3. At least 3 clear, well-lit photos of the damage from different angles.
  4. Details about how the damage happened.
Note: If you’re unable to meet these requirements, we may not be able to recover a damage fee from the passenger.
Damage fee amounts
Damage fees are to help you repair or clean affected areas of your vehicle only. Fees don’t cover the cost of additional cleaning for unaffected areas.
Damage fee amounts are based on the type and severity of the damage. Here are the typical fees for types of damage:
  1. $20: Minor damage such as mud, dirt, or animal fur in the car
  2. $40: Moderate damage such as food, drink, or biowaste outside of the car
  3. $80: Moderate damage such as liquid, biowaste or bodily fluids in the car
  4. $150: Major damage like biowaste in multiple areas of the car or physical damage to fixtures inside or outside of the car
We don’t reimburse for routine cleaning such as:
  1. Food wrappers or empty water bottles
  2. Unpleasant smells
  3. Wear and tear
  4. Time spent cleaning
  5. Time spent not driving because of damage
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