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How to create a Lyft account

Welcome to Lyft! We're glad you're here.
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Get the app
To use Lyft, you must first download the Lyft app on your smartphone.
Phone requirements
The Lyft app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Because the app requires a cellular connection, we don't support tablets or wifi-only devices (for example, the iPod Touch). Read Phone software recommendations and settings for operating system info.
You can use Lyft on Windows phones and Amazon Devices using our mobile site:
The Lyft app works with all major cell carriers (like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T) and most minor carriers (like Virgin Wireless, Metro PCS, or Cricket Wireless).
The app only works with select VoIP carriers, such as Google Voice. Other services may not be supported, so use your smartphone's phone number when creating an account.
How to install
  1. Use your phone to go to your app store (the iOS App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Androids)
  2. Search for "Lyft" and install the free Lyft app
  3. Try to contain your excitement. You're almost ready for your first Lyft ride!
Sign up for a Lyft account
Before you begin, be sure you have the following:
  1. Your phone number
  2. Your email address
  3. A photo of yourself
Get started
  1. Type in your device's phone number
  2. To verify your identity, we'll send a verification code via text to your phone number. We want to make sure you're human!
  3. The text message should arrive immediately. If you don't see it after a bit, tap 'Resend code.'
  4. Type in your name, email address, and take a selfie so your driver knows who to pick up
  5. That's it! Once you've set up your account, you'll be able to request a ride (Learn How to request a ride).
Log-in troubles? Read I can't log in for more.
Age requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to create a Lyft account, request a ride, or have a ride requested for you.
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