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Pro-Tips for Giving Airport Rides

For regulations specific to your airport, choose your state from the list here.
Giving airport rides is a great way to maximize your driver earnings while helping passengers get to and from the terminal on time.
If you’re a passenger, check out this page instead.
Airport Regulations
  1. Airport Education: Before giving an airport ride, complete the airport lesson in the 'Tutorials' tab of your Dashboard.
  2. Lyft Emblem(s): Keep your Lyft emblem(s) visible at all times while on airport property. If you are at the airport and are not giving a Lyft ride, remove your Lyft emblem(s).
  3. Airport Placard: Displaying an airport placard is required at LAX, SFO, OAK, ORD, MDW, MSP, SEA, and ATL airports. If you need a new airport placard, see the instructions below.
  4. Local Regulations: Review your city’s specific rules and regulations. At certain airports, including SJC, ORD, MDW, BOS, and DEN, you may not enter airport property without additional documents.
  5. Vehicle Information: Passengers can see your driver photo, car make, model, color, and license plate in their app. Ensure that these are all accurate so passengers can easily spot you.
    1. To update your license plate, open the main menu in your app, then tap ‘Vehicle and Documents.’ Tap ‘Your Vehicles.’ You can see your vehicle(s) and update your license plate if necessary.
    2. If any of your other vehicle info is incorrect, send us a message by tapping 'Contact Support' below.
  1. Waybill: The Waybill allows law enforcement officials to see information about your current or most recent ride. To access your Waybill, follow these steps:
To find the Waybill for your current ride:
  1. Swipe up on the bottom panel.
  2. Tap ‘Waybill’ under the ‘More options’ header.
To find the Waybill for a previous ride:
  1. Open the main menu, then tap 'Account.'
  2. Tap ‘Pay and tax info,' then tap 'Waybill.'
This image shows a sample Waybill.
Airport Features
  1. Airport Requests: At select airports, you will only receive an airport request if you are waiting in a designated staging area near or at the airport. You will be able to see your place in the queue in the app. To find out if your airport uses this feature, navigate to your local airport page.
  2. Short ride bump: If you receive a request for a short ride from the airport after waiting in the queue, you may qualify for a higher queue position after you drop off your passenger. You'll receive an SMS after dropping off to let you know you have the option to return to the staging area for a preferred spot in the queue. Please note, if you give a ride before returning to the staging area, you may still qualify for a preferred spot in line.
  3. Airport Pickups/Drop-offs: At larger airports, passengers will select a specific location within the terminal for where they’d like to be picked up. This will automatically move their pin to an approved pickup location. If your passenger is having trouble finding you or the pickup area, ask them to go exactly where the pin has been placed. Keep in mind that you may have to pick up on a certain level depending on your local airport’s rules.
  4. Airport Demand: If your local airport has a designated staging area, you will be able to view the demand at the airport through your app before heading there. This will allow to decide on whether it’s a good time of the day to give airport rides.
Tips and Best Practices
  1. Clear out your trunk to make room for luggage.
  2. Assist passengers with their luggage.
  3. Have a phone charger readily available.
  4. Use a navigation app to ensure the quickest route.
  5. Confirm the passenger’s terminal before dropping off.
  6. If your passenger is a tourist, share some recommendations for some fun local activities they can do during their visit.

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